Clients Rule!

I’ve been sitting here trying to come up with words to express how thankful I am for my clients. I’ve been diggin’ through the Thesaurus trying to find adjectives that describe my affection for you. It just ain’t cuttin’ it. Despite my inability to send my thank you cards out before the holidays, I was able to put together this image montage recapping different sessions of 2009. Why? Because my clients rock & they deserve it! 2009 was one of the most exhaustingly wonderful years of my life (I’m pretty sure exhaustingly isn’t a word… but I’m not scared to use it). In the first year of my photography business, I was blessed to shoot nearly 35 modern lifestyle sessions & 6 weddings. I still can’t believe they all came from personal referrals. In a future post I want to share the journey of what brought me to this point to delve into my career as a photographer & designer. But for now, I owe each of my clients, future clients, blog readers, friends & family a huge THANK YOU! If 2010 is any better than 2009, I might begin to strut like George Jefferson. I’ve already been practicing & you know I’m not even kidding.

For those of you who are considering hiring me as a photographer, I am so thankful; I would love to have you as a client!

Christmas Day Recap

Christmas Day ’09 at the Finch house… nuf’ said! Here’s Brennan opening his train!

“Dada… I got train!”

Cousin Chase wanted to give Knox a piggy-back ride.

Chase was asked to sit in front of the tree for a picture. He decided to crawl up under the tree & on top of the gifts… hey, whatever works.

We had a feast & all the family contributed. Dad brought 5 massive Porterhouse steaks, my sister contributed halibut & shrimp, mom made potato casserole & stuffed mushrooms, & we made sweet potato & pineapple casserole. I’m sure there were other things but this is what made my plate.

Somehow our ‘prissy’ dog Bailey ended up with a bow. She thinks everyone came over to see her.

Brennan slept through lunch so he wanted to eat corn as we opened presents. He is eating corn in almost every picture I have of him yesterday.

Yep… that’s Chase!

The boys all received a tool belt with tools from Grandaddy. Here’s Hunter in his gear. He told Knox at one point, “Knox, don’t be afraid… I’m just a hard workin’ boy!” He comes up with the funniest stuff. One day as my dad was taking the boys to school, Hunter asked Grandaddy a question. As Grandaddy thought about how to respond & began to answer, Hunter interrupted, “Grandaddy, all I want is a yes or no!”

Brennan in his Black & Decker vest & his new ride.

This pretty much sums up what occurred after the boys got their new rides.

My sister Amy holds Knox as he receives his new backpack; he’s excited.

Knox got a new ride too although he still needs a bit of help trying to sit up.

Meme bought the boys beanbags. They are from The Land of Nod & are super-nice. I have a feeling we will be purchasing from them in the future.

Chillin’ out to a little Baby Einstein in their super cool beanbags.

Brennan’s new train. I’m not sure who had more fun with this, Brennan or daddy?

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. As I reflect upon it, I realize that we found much more pleasure in the ways we were able to give to others. I’m thankful to God at how He is changing our hearts & our family to be less self-absorbed & have a greater desire to give. I’m not “there” yet, but thankful for His work in our lives. Merry Christmas friends!

Christmas Vacation Day 3 | Tallassee, AL

This wraps up Day 3’s installment of the Adventures in Finch Christmas Vacations ’09 edition. Tomorrow is partially a travel day so I am going to do my best to get some road action shots & Christmas Eve pics at home… so stay tuned. Today was the official Christmas dinner with Joy’s family followed by the exchanging of presents. The kids had a great time with their new gifts & we adults got in on the action as well. Afterward the men went out & started several brush fires. I was able to relive my childhood of being a pyromanic (I really was… ask my neighbors whose yard I completely burnt to a crisp!). We came in for dinner & squeezed in a quick round of Scrabble… yours truly wore down the competition… booyah!

Most of the pics I took today were during our gift exchange. I hope you enjoy. Here are the ladies with the children.

I think we all know what Jamie should receive for Christmas next year… ladies & gentlemen, the world’s first video camcorder!

Ah… yes… just what I enjoy to read the most, dead people. As many of you know, my background is Theology & I enjoy few things more than the writings of the Reformers. Can’t beat Luther’s commentary on Romans!

I spent the morning delving into one of my two new books. Since this year celebrated John Calvin’s 500 birthday, I thought it fitting to close out the year with one of his most respected biographies. It has been wonderfully readable.

See you tomorrow! Good day fine folks!

Christmas Vacation Day 2 | Tallassee, AL

Day 2 of Christmas Vacation was stuffed with activity. It started with the usual routine of feeding all the animals after breakfast. Then, we walked the land & took in the morning air. Next, Jamie (my father-in-law) & I drove to take pics at an old cemetery situated on some of their nephews’ hunting camp land. Afterward, we returned back to the house to spend time with some of my wife’s favorite people in the world, the Brown family. The Browns drove up from Dothan, AL to hang out for the day. We ate a huge lunch, enjoyed friendship, & exchanged gifts. They have been a wonderful influence in Joy’s life as they would invite her on their family vacation during her teen years & spend weeks during the summer at their home (I am hoping to send her & the boys down there next summer as a gift to her!). We finished up the day by playing with the children & spending some time catching up. It was a great day!

Here is a pic of my in-laws’ home from the front fence line.

The family gathered after lunch.

Knox was given a Troy University Trojans t-shirt for Christmas from the Browns; I think he likes it!

Papa, Brennan, & Anna Beth (my niece).

Roger Brown (my wife’s adopted grandfather) & Knox.

Melissa (I could literally spend hours with her listening to her talk… Southern to the bone!) & Phillip.

Julie Brown (one of the most influential people in my wife’s life) & Knox. The Brown girls: Jacy & Janie. Jacy is a freshman at Troy University & Janie, a freshman, who recently got her driver’s permit. Watch out everyone! (j/k!)

Brennan & Anna Beth. Brennan has become quite the fan of his cousin.

Nana & Charlie (my nephew).

I’m pretty sure that swinging is one of Anna Beth’s favorite things to do.

Charlie… or as Brennan says, “Cha-leee!”

The sisters & their crew. From L to R: Anna Beth, Hope (Joy’s sis), Charlie, Joy, Brennan, & Knox. They are sitting on the steps of the playhouse that Jamie built.

One of the more recent additions to the Baldwin Farm, the greenhouse.

How cool is it that there is a paddle boat in the pond?!

This is the little mill house that Jamie bought in Opelika from Pepperrell Mill & had transported to the farm. The family lived there for several months while building the current house. Ben, Hope & their kids (Joy’s sister & her husband) have moved into the house as they are planning on building on the land across the street.

Here is Starr, the pony.

And Sally the dog.

And Ellen, the kitten.

Here are some pics from the old cemetery Jamie & visited.

The hunting camp located in the middle of nowhere!

I love this picture!!

Alright… that should definitely document Day 2… whew!!! Until tomorrow!

Christmas Vacation Day 1 | Tallassee, AL

I thought a fun way to capture memories this Christmas vacation would be to post photos from each day spent with friends & family. Today I am writing from the booming metropolis (serious sarcasm here!) of Tallassee, AL, located between Auburn & Montgomery, AL. Joy’s parents’ home is nestled on 50 or so acres here on land that her mother bought from her grandfather way back when. It is a lovely place. Brennan absolutely loves ‘Baldwin Farm’ as he gets to feed the horses, cows, goats, chickens, ducks, dogs, & cats every day (the only thing this place is missing is a llama!!). Plus, his Papa always takes him for rides on the tractors.

I would love for you to take pics of what your Christmas time looks like & shoot me an email. These are my pictures from Day 1.

What genuine joy!

Brennan & his Papa. I love the lighting & the expressions on their faces in this pic.

Knox isn’t able to fully enjoy the outside yet but is working up a sweat indoors. He has officially learned how to roll over from his back to belly… he will be crawling in no time.

He is so stinkin’ cute!

The ‘quack-quacks.’

This is Valentine. She is a massive but gentle longhorn. Regardless of how gentle she may be, when you see her trotting down the hill toward you, it is quite intimidating. She likes to follow you around like a dog. Then she puts her nose in your personal space such as your chest & you realize that if she makes one swift move with her neck… you are done. Thankfully she is a big softy.

Here is the Nanny goat & her kids.

Here is Hot Shot the horse. He is as gentle of a horse as I have ever known.

This is one of the ‘cluck-clucks’ as Brennan likes to say.

This is Dixie the black lab. She is by my side the whole time… she is my side-kick. I’ve threatened to bring her home with me on several occasions.

What does your Christmas time look like? I would love to see pics from your Holiday vacation. Until tomorrow!!!!