The Yeagers

The Yeagers have become such great friends. We met Matt & Julia at our church (Cornerstone Church of Knoxville) while we were both exploring becoming members. We immediately hit it off & began sharing meals together & hanging out whenever possible. Plus, both Julia & Joy (my wife) were in their third trimester of pregnancy… we were both having boys! Little did we know that our boys would be born a day apart. On August 24, Matt & Julia brought Bennett into the world. A day later, we welcomed Knox. They are such a wonderful family to be around. Matt & Julia are such kind people; I can’t say enough about them.

The Yeagers have come down to Athens on several occasions & really enjoyed the small-town atmosphere. We decided to visit numerous locations around the city & just have fun on a beautiful day!

I just love this little guy! He kept opening up his arms to me… several times I put the camera down & just held him. He’s quite the snuggler.

What a great looking family!

I really like how this next set turned out. The bluish green brick & aged wood created a great backdrop.

A little boy & his momma! Julia is so sweet & absolutely lovely to be around. She now works part-time as a nutritionist, choosing rather to be at home with Bennett.

I am excited about Bennett’s life; he has such wonderful parents. Matt has become a great friend & is a great example of a man who genuinely wants to love & lead his family. He works as an engineer in the Knoxville area.

Thanks Yeagers for the opportunity to photograph your family! I hope you enjoy.

The Boyers

I seriously cannot remember a time in my life when I didn’t know Beth. When my family moved to East TN when I was 4 years old, I recall meeting Beth & being friends since. If my memory is correct, to celebrate her 5th birthday, we ate at McDonalds & then her mom took all of us to Chattanooga to a Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus. Good times I tell you!

After high school we kept in touch mainly through others although I’ve always considered her a great friend. Beth & her husband, Spencer, live in Nashville & have a beautiful little girl named Gray. She emailed me recently & we’ve been trying to schedule a shoot since December but due to sickness & weather we’ve had to postpone several times. Yet, we were finally able to make our photo shoot happen on Friday when the Boyers came in to town. We headed down to E.G. Fisher Library, grabbed a blanket & some books, & enjoyed the great weather. I had a great time with the Boyers & it was such a pleasure to meet Spencer & Gray & to catch up with Beth. Hopefully this won’t be the last time you see them on the blog! Thanks Boyers for allowing me to share the morning with you!

Here are some of my favs… enjoy!

What a good looking family! Spencer & Beth are quite fit… they make me want to get back into the gym!

Oh yes… Gray was all about wearing my Elvis glasses.

Clearly one of my favorites! Love the little rain boots… this really shows Gray’s personality.

I talked Beth & Spencer into sneaking off for a second so I could get some pics of just the two of them.

Don’t you just love this!!

PhotoBooth | Radical Womanhood Conference at CCK

I was privileged to setup the PhotoBooth for the Radical Womanhood Conference at Cornerstone Church of Knoxville. You never know what’s gonna happen when put 400 or so women together, give them some props (mustaches… always my fav!!), & put them in front of the camera. It seems they had a great time. Here are a few pics… if you’d like to see all the pics, check out my Facebook page by clicking here.

FYI, the PhotoBooth is being featured at all our 2010 wedding receptions at no extra charge. If you’re interested in having the PhotoBooth at your event, let me know.

Travis & Laura | Engagement Session, Chattanooga, TN

It was one of those Saturdays you’ll remember forever. The weather had a slight chill that took the edge off the open sun & created an atmosphere ripe for a day outside. It was perfect. And so were they… Travis & Laura. These two further instilled why I love what I do; they were eager, personable, willing, & fun. After a few minutes in front of the camera their personalities showed themselves & we took over downtown Chattanooga. Where do I begin to choose my favorites from our time together? I could’ve chosen countless more. Wow… I’ll let them speak for themselves.

I love this picture!!!

Laura has such an energetic, spunky, & fun personality. She was up for anything!!

Travis was a great pleasure to be around. He is very intelligent while possessing a wonderful ability to connect. You can tell he is absolutely thrilled by Laura… I can’t wait for their wedding!

This pics are smokin’!

Yep… it’s official, I need to move to Chattanooga. There are few downtown areas in the country as nice as Chattanooga; I love how the city is being revitalized.

After a quick wardrobe change we took a break & enjoyed some incredible Mexican at Taco Mamacita. I love being able to do this with couples.

Afterward, we escaped the downtown scene for a quick retreat at Chattanooga Country Club.

And this… this is a beautiful thing!

Congrats Travis & Laura. You guys are great!! I can’t wait to see you again!

The Harrods

Happy Monday morning folks! I hope you all had a great Easter holiday; it was certainly one we’ll never forget. After a long drive home on Saturday from a visit with Joy’s family, we spent the last few days trying to recover from what I call Midnight Madness… aka, Brennan & Joy being unbelievably sick. Let’s just say it was fatherhood at one of its most humbling & exhausting moments. Whew!

On to something that brings a huge smile to my face. I’ve known Andrew for as long as I can remember. It goes way back to when we were in elementary school & used to play soccer together (I think part of the reason I loved soccer so much at that age was getting to eat orange slices at halftime). Our families were close friends too & we’d often vacation together. I’ve got plenty of pics of us wearing neon colored hats, playing shuffleboard, & relaxing on the beaches of Destin. Those were some fun days. There were times when growing up that we spent so much time together that we would inevitably end up fighting & need to be separated for a few hours. Then, we’d be back to normal. We’ve remained friends since those days although going to different schools & living in different cities. I’m thankful to have many friends like this.

My shoot with the Harrods was one of the most enjoyable shoots I can remember (plus, it was my first official shoot with my new lens!). It was great see Andrew again & his beautiful family. Meet Andrew, Cara, Grayson, Jackson, & Harvey the dog. They were so easy to photograph… they each look like they could walk right onto the cover of a magazine. I’m proud to see the husband & dad Andrew has become. His wife is absolutely lovely & his boys are great! It was almost like a sneak preview of my life to come… very exciting. I met up with the Harrods on Thursday evening for a Spring family shoot. We started out at a local winery, visited a nearby field, & ended up at Andrew’s mother’s house (affectionately known as Gigi) for some final shots. The weather was perfect & it was so encouraging to hang out with friends. Thanks Harrod crew; I hope you enjoy!!!

Jackson (L) has such a wonderful, adventurous spirit about him. In his mind, I’m pretty sure there is no such thing as walking to point A to point B, he sprinted everywhere we went. Grayson (R) is a much more careful type… the firstborn. He has such a tenderness about him that immediately makes you comfortable.

Cara & Andrew look perfect together. They sometimes kid about how much they look alike… “so how are you guys related?” I remember when they began dating in high-school; it’s so fun to see their family now.

Here’s Harvey the dog, an English Springer Spaniel. Harvey has some serious affections for a frisbee. Can you believe that this frisbee is only 2 days old?

I like this picture so much I’m tempted to put it in my home, ha!

I made sure to get several pics of Andrew & Cara; just the two of them.

And this is what I’m calling the official family portrait.

Aren’t you thankful for boys!!