The Roberts: Case, Conar & Cooper {Athens, TN}

Another top-secret photo shoot took place in mid-December on one of the coldest days imaginable… seriously, major chill… we were all freezing. But that didn’t stop us. Robbie Roberts contacted me early December to do a photo shoot of his boys: Case, Conar & Cooper. Unknown to their mother, we met up in downtown Athens & took advantage on an hour together. I can’t wait to hear how the gift went over with Cayci. I really enjoyed getting to know these guys better.

L to R: Case, Conar & Cooper. Love this picture!

We opted to warm up a bit & for a change of pace so we threw football for a bit.
It was great meeting up with you guys… hope you had a Merry Christmas Robert’s family!

Balch & Borwick {Athens, TN}

There were several sessions I shot over the last month that weren’t able to be published since they were either Christmas gifts or commercial/editorial features. They’ve been tied up in my computer demanding release. Although I won’t be able to post some of the commercial & editorial shoots until they’re published, I can definitely post a few Christmas shoots. First up is my home studio shoot for the Balch & Borwick families. You may recall their shoot from last year. I love these two families & consider them great friends. Here’s what happened when they stopped by.

Holland is such a cutie! Her personality came right out as soon as she stepped onto the white paper.

Here’s Lyella & Holland… checking out each other’s shoes. They are Bob & Kelly Borwick’s beautiful daughters.
Here’s the Borwick crew.
And the Balch crew: Gil, Melanie, Isabel & Ava.
Little girly cousins!
I’m not too keen in staying inside. We braved the frigidness & ventured outside for a portrait (is frigidness even a word? It is now!).
Isabel & Ava Balch.
Love these families!!!

A Finch Family Christmas ’10

We awoke on Christmas morning to a Winter Wonderland. A blanket of snow covered everything in sight & we grinned from ear to ear as we huddled in our bed. Our heads side by side as we peeked out of the window. It seems like countless years since the last time we woke to a White Christmas so the anticipation made it even sweeter. Fresh snow has a way of making everything seem magical. I scurried outside to take some pics around our house.
When I came back in it was time for Christmas with our boys. Brennan & Knox received a trampoline, building blocks, & several trucks & tractors.
Can you tell Knox loves his new toys!
Brennan received a new Elmo umbrella & somehow he managed to find his favorite Thomas the Train t-shirt.
My wonderful mom was able to spend the morning with us. She let the boys watch me from the window as I took photos from out side. We were anticipating the arrival of my dad & my sister’s family.
Brennan was so excited as he heard cars pull up.
Grandaddy drove over in the Wagoneer… our favorite!
Knox was thrilled!
My nephews, Hunter & Chase. They received new camouflage backpacks for Christmas; I’m pretty sure they never took them off.

We had such a great time with my family… we exchanged presents, cooked in the kitchen & grilled steaks out in the snow. And, our dog Bailey was perfectly content as she had Meme & Aunt Amy to play with. After looking through these pics I realize that I put my camera down too soon. I took several more pics with Joy’s new camera, our Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5. I’ll try to post some additional pics of my family. Below right, I had to take a picture of my lonely Christmas decoration in my office.

As a bonus I thought I’d share one of my favorite things about snow… the opportunity to eat Snow Cream!! The recipe is simple. You need just a few things: snow, sugar, milk, & vanilla (some also use a raw egg, I chose to opt out this time). Gather a bowl full of snow & set aside an empty bowl.
Begin to mix the milk, sugar, & vanilla (& egg [optional]). I don’t measure, I just throw it in & stop when it tastes right.
Last, add snow, stir, & taste. If you want to add more sugar or milk, do so. If you got it right the first time, you’re big time! Enjoy!
Merry Christmas my friends. We’ve had a wonderful holiday & are thankful for so many things. Of utmost importance, we’re thankful to God for Jesus!

The Silveys {Newborn Lifestyle Session | Knoxville, TN}

Whoa!!! What a busy season it has turned out to be. Aside from all the rush that comes along with the Holidays, I’m so fortunate to have been booked with many shoots & projects. As we cruise toward the year end I’m humbled at how fortunate I’ve been to meet so many great people & share such wonderful times with what seems like a multitude of new clients. I can’t recall a time in my life where I’ve been so thankful.

A little over a week ago I met for the first time Michael & Merve Silvey, along with their little boy, Isaac Murat Silvey. When I first received Merve’s email, I could sense the amount of gratitude she possessed as she recounted their journey & difficulty having children. Gracefully, God saw fit to bless the Silvey’s with a wonderful, healthy little boy. Isaac was born on October 25th right at 34 weeks, weighing 5 pounds 4 ounces and 17 inches long. Here’s a few of my favorites from my visit to their home.

I love this little face he kept making.
The Silvey’s are such a nice & hospitable family. I really enjoyed their conversation & friendship… it was especially fun to talk to Merve, who is originally from Istanbul, Turkey. Because my undergraduate & graduate studies are in Biblical Studies, I was eager to hear more about her family & culture… I couldn’t help but ask her about the Grand Bazaar & I absolutely loved a map they had of ancient Constantinople. At one point she told me, “Ben, I think you need to go to Turkey.” I think I shall.
I love capturing shots of the nursery… it’s neat to see how parents have prepared a special place for their new baby.
Love this picture of Merve & Isaac’s noses touching.
And this might be my favorite image; I become quite emotional as I think about the bond I have with my little boys.
Merve is also an artist… we incorporated some of her work into several pics.
“And who do you think you are?” is what I imagined the cat saying to me in this picture.
Michael & Merve, I am so thankful to have shared this time with you. I look forward to watching Isaac grow… you are a blessed family!

2 Guys, an Airplane & Waffle House

It couldn’t have come at a better time. A week ago Wednesday one of my main compadres, Alan Brock, asked me if I wanted to go flying with him. Alan, aside from being a good friend, my dentist & a fantastic photographer, he is also a pilot. I’ve wanted to be a pilot since about the age of 3. I become giddy when I’m around planes, especially when I’m sitting in the cockpit with someone who knows what they are doing. Obtaining my pilot’s license is something I want to complete within the next 3 years… hold me to it people!

Last Friday Alan & I took flight from our regional airport in route to Clemson, SC. Joy & the boys were there at the airport & waved us off. It was great! Our goal for the morning was rather simple: fly to Clemson, grab a late lunch, fly back. And did we achieve our goal? Yes & 100% guaranteed. Of course there was so much more that happened… great conversation, Waffle House, & a Clemson airport courtesy car (a 1980-something retired police cruiser). Of significant note, due to the cabin pressure at 8,000 feet, my pen burst in my pocket & leaked only when I was signing my breakfast receipt. I heard some giggling from some female Clemson college students when I realized I a huge black ink stripe across my face. Lovely!

Of course, I had to take my camera so I could share it with you!

These were taken just prior to our landing. On the left you can see Clemson University’s campus including their football stadium. It’s practically right next to the airport.
I noticed this on the way over. Anyone know what this is? I believe we were flying over North Carolina at the time.
An aerial shot of historic downtown Athens. Around the middle third left you can see the courthouse & then the lower middle right is the campus of Tennessee Wesleyan College.
Of course we flew over my house… there it is!!!
The pilot himself.
Sometimes when life is completely busy, you have to stop, reevaluate & gain a new perspective. I’m thankful for that opportunity & for good friends like Alan… or should I say, Dr. Brock. Ha!