2011 Knoxville Addy Awards

In what would prove a generous night for many, Saturday night I was humbled & honored to sit beside & among some of the most talented designers, writers, developers, innovators (& more) in our region. Collectively, we enjoyed great food & drinks, a killer band, appropriate banter (& sometimes not… ha!) & the occasional mischief by a few. It was the 2011 Knoxville Addy Awards, hosted at the Crowne Plaza, an evening of recognizing the most outstanding work in advertising. And for some reason, they let me come!

Saturday night marked another milestone for me personally & professionally. To be proud of the work you produce is a worthy goal in itself & is only trumped when a thrilled client raves about your service or product. Yet to be recognized by peers & those more seasoned, inspires confidence & excitement. This year I was privileged to receive 4 Silver & 2 Bronze Addys for both photography & design work. I was grateful to have my beautiful wife, Joy, by my side. Below is a highlight of those projects.

The University of Mobile Website Design & Development {Silver Addy}
Credits: Ben Finch, Creative & Design Lead, Photographer; David Poindexter, Project Manager & Lead Developer, Nvisionative; Ansel Brown, Designer & Marketing Consultant, Nvisionative; Lesa Moore, Director of Marketing, University of Mobile; Brian Boyle, Vice President for Development, University of Mobile.

The University of Mobile Photography {Silver Addy}
Credits: Ben Finch, Photographer

Ben Finch Photography Self-Promo Collateral {Silver Addy}
Credits: Ben Finch, Photographer & Designer

Athens Area Council for the Arts: 2010-11 Arts Guide {Silver & Bronze Addy}
Credits: Ben Finch, Creative & Design Lead; Ellen Kimball, AACA Executive Director; Pat Armstrong, AACA Program Director

At Home TN Magazine Photography {Bronze Addy}
Credits: Ben Finch, Photographer; Nikki Aviotti Hodum, Creative Director; Lindsey Phillips, Managing Director; Adrienne Z. King, Interior Designer
As you can see, it was a wonderful evening. I’m thankful for the honors received & left inspired by the work that was showcased. Further, I’d like to congratulate a few friends for their incredible work. Our dear friends at Hornsby Brand Design had a hat-trick of Gold Addys as well as a Silver Addy for their work for KAT (Knoxville Area Transit). And the Pyxl crew won several Addys (1 Gold, 4 silver, & 5 bronze) as they keep “upping the ante” with their expertise in online marketing campaigns. Susie Norris of Orange Apple Branding Boutique received the 2011 President’s Award plus 2 Silver & 2 Bronze Addys. Additionally, Brian Potter, Clay Prewitt, Amanda Lewis & the many others at The Tombras Group who lead our region with outstanding creative excellence (they won too many awards to count!). And, congrats to Donna Hundley of UT School of Music for a Silver & Bronze Addy. Last, special thanks to my friend Meg Prewitt for organizing Ben Finch Photography as a Door Prize Sponsor. There are many others Agencies & Businesses whose work I thoroughly enjoyed… congrats to you & I hope to meet soon!

Here is the link to the red-carpet pics: http://bopp.tennesseepics.com/Q/Proofs.aspx?GroupID=15888

Here is the Knox Sentinels write-up of the night: http://www.knoxnews.com/news/2011/feb/27/tombras-group-wins-big-at-addy-awards/

Jason & Jessie {Lifestyle Maternity Session}

It seems I’ve been on a bit of a sabbatical from my blog & other social media… sometimes a brotha’ just needs a break; know what I mean?! But don’t worry, I’ve been working like crazy (& possibly going a bit crazy too)!

Aside from a numerous photography projects (several of which I’m unable to release yet), it’s been a fun & challenging season being entrenched in design work. I generally take on a few design projects around January-March in what you would think would be slower months… not exactly the case this year, thankfully! Lately, I’ve completed several new branding & corporate identity projects, as well as some promotional collateral. Of exciting news, this upcoming Saturday, Joy & I get to dress up fancy & attend the 2011 Addy Awards (AAF: American Advertising Federation). I entered several pieces this year & I received word that I won a number of awards. Praise-a-lujah!

Now, for the good stuff! Since before Christmas when Jessie’s mom, Lynette, came by & purchased a Session Gift Card for Jason & Jessie, I’ve been eager to do this session. Yesterday morning I met up with the couple at their home where Jason & Jessie are expecting their first child at the end of March. Around this time next month, their new life will commence & they’ll bring home their little boy, Jack. Love that name (nickname of one of my favorite authors, C.S. Lewis)! It was a privilege to visit the Lovingood’s in their home & see how they’ve prepare to welcome him home. Here’s a peek:

Jessie’s grandmother quilted this blanket for Jack… such a special keepsake (L). And the mobile above his crib (R).
The nursery was incredible!
Jessie’s dad works for the Electric Company; he was quite proud of this bucket truck. This pics for you Greg!
We ventured into their backyard for some pics… the lighting was perfect. Really love these; their personalities begin to come forth. Jessie looks great!
Of course we had to make a trip downtown… a quick visit to a personal favorite, Greeks Bearing Gifts. We forgot they were closed on Wednesday so we opted for a bit of window shopping.
One of my favorites!
By a landslide, here are my favorites!
What a great couple! I can’t wait to meet Jack & see Jason & Jessie begin this new chapter of their lives. Congrats Lovingood family!

Julie & Jansen’s Album Design

How could I have overlooked this for so long?! It recently occurred to me that I don’t usually post my album designs on the blog. How could that be? “No more” I say! From now on, following weddings I’ll be showing you the wedding album design. Albums are wonderful keepsakes that last well beyond our lifetimes. Thankfully, the majority of my clients purchase an album… just one of the reasons I have the best clients! It’s wonderful to have all your images but there’s nothing quite like having a custom album that tells the story of your big day! Here’s Julie & Jansen’s album:

{music provided by the incredible Nathan Wesley Smith}

At Home TN Magazine | Feature Story & Wedding Feature

Any opportunity to work with the team of At Home TN Magazine is a real pleasure. The ladies I’ve had the privilege to work alongside are simply lovely. Plus the homes they select are truly exceptional & my mouth drops wide open every time I walk through the doors. The February 2011 issue is thrilling for me personally as two different genres of my work were featured, editorial/commercial as well as wedding photography. So head on over to Barnes & Noble, Borders, Target & other retailers & grab a copy! If you’d like to view a free digital copy, check out this courtesy link.

There are two parts to this blog post. Part 1: A few weeks ago I received a call from Managing Editor, Hallie McKay, asking me to photograph the home of designer Todd Richesin {Todd Richesin Interiors}. If you’re familiar with design magazines, you may know Todd is considered one of Traditional Home’s “20 Young Designers to Watch” & House Beautiful’s “Next Wave of Interior Designers to Watch in 2010.” Wow!

Shortly after, I discussed details with Todd & we set a shoot date. Little did we know it would be the morning of “Snowmaggedon.” I woke up before sunrise & was welcomed by 7 inches of snow in the driveway. Luckily, I was able to jump behind the wheel of the 4WD Wagoneer & head to Knoxville. I was 15 minutes into the trip on the interstate before I realized I was the ONLY vehicle on the interstate; it’s a weird feeling! Yet despite my reason telling me to cancel the shoot, I decided to keep going. Boy am I thankful I did; his home is unreal. And it was a real pleasure to meet Todd & Bobby; they were so kind & hospitable. As the feature story, At Home TN walks you through the home of Todd Richesin. Check it out:

Because with every shoot, there are dozens of images that don’t make it into the spread. I’d love to share a few of my additional favorites with you. Which are your favorites?

Part 2: Of equal excitement & blog-worthiness is that At Home TN decided to feature the wedding I photographed of Laura Brakebill & Travis Lee from June. You may recall my recap of their wedding, click here. It was a gorgeous wedding located at the home of Scott & Katy Coffey. I can’t say enough about both Travis & Laura as well as their families… just love them! Also, I want to thank Lillian Prince for assisting me at this wedding; she captured the picture of Travis & Laura dancing (below right). Here’s what At Home TN highlighted:

As you can see it’s been a very exciting day for Ben Finch Photography. I’m so humbled & thankful for such wonderful clients & opportunities… this is living the dream!

Franny & Joe {Photobooth}

These pics bring new meaning to creative spontaneity. They are the result of providing a simple white backdrop, a strobe, a camera & a bunch of random props. Put these things together at a really fun wedding & you are bound to have a great time… a guest-pleaser guaranteed!

Congrats Franny & Joe! You’re wedding was incredible & thanks for the opportunity to be a part of it. See the pics from their Photobooth reception at Cornerstone Church of Knoxvillle. If you’d like your pics in your Facebook feed, be sure to friend request me {click here} & I’ll tag you. If you’d like to order prints, register at this link & an email will be sent to you when the storefront is live. Thanks friends for a great time!!

A few of my favorites. This one definitely wins “Most Dedicatation”.

Brings a huge grin to my face… thanks Dave!
The mustaches are always a hit. Am I the only one that thinks Hallerin has perfected the Old Spice guy’s look? “Ladies… look at me, now look at your man…”
Yep… I can see it!
I agree!
The super-talented Pyxl crew! I was quite startled at Jackie’s ability to leap over everyone… nice form!
Here’s the rest… enjoy!!