Green & Brock Families {Family Session | Etowah, TN}

Isn’t it amazing to consider the legacy two people can create?! Think about it, a boy & a girl meet for the first time & there seems to be a shared “spark” of interest. Time passes & they find their hearts growing toward one another. As the song goes, “first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes… the baby carriage.” Before long, little bare feet are running through the home while mom & dad are simply doing their best to provide for their little family. They attempt to foster love & instill values, dignity & purpose in those kids who are quickly becoming adults. In what seems like a flash, they soon find themselves watching from a distance as their children are shepherding their own. Thus, a legacy is born and a branch in a family tree extends beyond their imagination. It’s a beautiful thing.

A few Tuesday evenings ago I was privileged to visit the home of Scott & Mary Ruth Green & their family, the Greens & Brocks. Most family members still live in the Southeast TN region while some came from as far away as Texas. You’ll recognize two of our very own team members in the photos, Alan & Jenn Brock. It is Alan’s mom’s parents & her siblings that comprise the Green & Brock families. What a pleasure it was to share some time with these families! Here’s just a few highlights:

Scott and Mary Ruth Green, better known as Nannie and Granddaddy.

The whole crew.

The Greens: David, Katie, Garrett & Landon.

(L) David & Katie Green. (R) Garrett & Landon.

The Brocks: Randy, Kay, Alan, Jennifer, Ryan & Kathryn.

Isn’t the view incredible?!
Love this set of Ryan & Kathryn. There were several fantastic images!
Alan & Jenn!
Alan & his sister Kathryn.

The Greens: Steve, Peggy, Scottie, Tonya, Leah & Dylan.

Steve & Peggy Green.
Scottie, Tonya, Leah & Dylan.

Finch Family {Lifestyle Session | Athens, TN}

Meet the Finches!  Ben, of course, is a photographer extraordinaire; perhaps you’re familiar with his work.  :)  His beautiful wife Joy is a part time teacher and a full time super-mom to Knox and Brennan.  Speaking of the boys, Brennan has really grown into his role of big brother.  He is such a sweet little guy and quite the artist.  He often creates original pieces of Crayola art and gives them to Jennifer and me.  Knox is a sweetheart as well.  He’s going through a Daddy’s boy phase at the moment, often running to Ben saying, “Hold you.”  Too cute!  (He ran to me saying this one day.  I got quite the strange look when I picked him up and he realized that I wasn’t Ben!)

The newest Finch (a girl at last!) is due to arrive any minute now.  Jenn and I were honored to take some maternity/family shots before Molly Claire’s arrival.  To add some spice to the evening, we had to cut the shoot a little short.  Apparently the heat, combined with all the walking around, almost made for an early debut for Miss Molly.  Sorry Joy!  After some rest and ice cream, all was well again, and Molly decided to stay comfortable where she was for a few more days.

When people notice that Joy is pregnant, they often ask her and Ben if this is their first child.  Presumably, this is because Joy still looks like she is 18…and that is a compliment!  They will laugh and say, “No, we have two other boys.  One 3 and one almost 2.”  Inevitably their next question is, “Did you plan this?”  Politely, Ben and Joy will say no, but behind closed doors they will joke, “Who would plan this?!?”  The answer, of course, is that God has planned this.  He already knows what a beautiful girl Molly will be.  He also knows that she will grow up in a home full of love with two big brothers to always take care of her.  Finally, He knows that she already has two wonderful parents who will guide her and love her each step of the way.  Thank you both for letting us capture these pictures; we can’t wait to meet Molly!

Check out Knox’s defensive stance in the image on the right; he’s a natural basketball player if you ask me.

My favorites!  I love family hug time!

Brennan is a natural with the camera and appears ready to join the family business!

Michael & Jamie {Engagement Session | Mayfield Farms, Athens, TN}

Her best friend had been begging her to meet him for quite some time, however she continued to dismiss the request. That was until her best friend’s boyfriend’s 30th birthday party when they happened to finally be in the same place at the same time. She noticed the tall handsome lad in the corner with gorgeous eyes & I assure you that he saw her back. And that was just the beginning. Little did they know that night would change their lives forever.

She was immediately drawn to his outgoing & “loud” personality, saying, “that’s just my type!” And he liked how they made out like teenagers in the back seat of a car! Ha! But it came as a complete shock to her in mid-May when he took her out to the strawberry field & knelt his knee as if to ask her hand in marriage. Before he could get a word out she tackled him with an enthusiastic yes! It’s the story of Michael & Jamie.

You may be familiar with the Mayfield name. If you’ve ever enjoyed Mayfield Dairy’s milk & ice-cream then you are familiar with Michael’s family. After heading to Auburn to study agriculture, Michael returned to Athens to work alongside his family in a new venture, Mayfield Farm & Nursery. We thought it would be perfect to photograph on the family farm… I can’t explain to you how much fun we had. Hopefully you’ll see firsthand through the images… enjoy!
Love the composition of this image… a personal favorite.
The image on the Left has to be one of my absolute favorites… love the moment when Michael was being bad & he got the “no no no” to the nose!
I can’t quit smiling over these pictures… amazing location, perfect weather, & a super-fun couple!
My wife’s favorite (& probably mine as well)… beautiful!
I can’t wait til September 10 when I get to see these two become husband & wife… congrats my friends!

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Scott & Carrie {Engagement Session | Knoxville, TN}

Sometimes when the first blind date does not go well, you have to give it another shot. That’s what Scott & Carrie did. The second date was much better & the third date involved a trip to Home Depot. It was there Scott demonstrated his ability to operate a forklift & apparently it helped seal the deal. That was almost three years ago.

He’s a mechanical engineer who spends his time designing & creating machines. She manages online partnership for Scripps Network, promoting some of my favorite television networks… HGTV, Food Network, DIY, Travel Channel… say what?!

On a random Friday night in January, Scott dressed up Carrie’s Shih Tzu, Bailey, in a tuxedo, attached a poem to the collar, & sent the dog into the kitchen. By the time she realized the moment, he was on one knee. She was shocked! She said yes!

And I said yes when they asked me to shoot their engagement session followed by their wedding next month at Fort Loudon Yacht Club. For the e-shoot we chose to begin at his family’s antique mall in Knoxville, Bearden Antique Mall. That place was fantastic.
Carrie couldn’t look at Scott without a huge grin taking over her face. Love these!
Probably my favorite photo!
After spending some time at the Antique Mall, we ventured over to Fort Loudon Yacht Club to take a stroll on their boat. What a great time!
Bailey the dog.
Molly, also the dog.
It turned out to be such a beautiful evening. Check out the glow of the sky as the sun sets over the water.
I’m now convinced that every engagement shoot needs an evening ride on the water!
I eagerly await shooting Carrie & Scott’s wedding next month. Thanks so much for the fun evening… enjoy friends!