Mark & Bobbi {Engagement Session | Knoxville, TN}

I’ll never forget the first time I saw these two. I was shooting Meg & Clay’s wedding reception when I saw this rad couple on the dance floor acting like they owned the place… making up dance moves… seriously good stuff! I never got their names but I rarely forget a face.

Several months later I receive an email from Bobbi introducing herself & telling me about her recent engagement. We decided to meet up & discuss our ideas for the engagement session. When I walked in for our meeting, I immediately recognized them & knew we were in for some serious fun!

Their story goes something like this. Mark was working at a gym where Bobbi frequently tanned. Being the intelligent guy he is, Mark offered her a job right away… nice!!! Bobbi says they were first attracted to one another’s smiles & goofy personalities. One thing’s for sure, they seem like a perfect fit & they have an incredible time together. On a beautiful afternoon in March, Mark brought Bobbi to one of their favorite spots in Market Square, Knoxville, pulled out his guitar, & sang a song he wrote to her, & asked for her hand in marriage. She emphatically said yes!

When planning the engagement shoot, we knew we had to start the session in Market Square.
I could’ve stayed in this location all night… such beautiful lighting with a great looking couple.
One of my favorites!
We opted for a wardrobe change… whoa!
We walked down to World’s Fair Park
Bobbi can’t help but smile at Mark!
This is when the shoot went to the next level. We knew we wanted to do something really adventurous… they were totally up for it.
Yes!!! Mark & Bobbi, I am so excited about your wedding in May. I had a great time with you guys & know we’ll hang out again soon… I’m already craving Barley’s Pizza!

Davis & Veness Families {Tennessee Wesleyan College | Athens, TN}

It’s the kind of afternoon you enjoy when two sets of grandparents come together with their grandchildren for a photo shoot. I’ve known the Davis family since I was a child & our families lived just down the road from one another. Cary & Judi Davis are wonderful leaders in our community & their daughter, Molly, now lives in Knoxville with her husband, Mark, & their two kids, Harry & Hayes. Mark’s parents, Allan & Margaret Veness, happened to be in town for several weeks, visiting from their home in England. Whew… lot’s of details!

Since the Veness family was visiting from “across the pond,” the family knew it would be the perfect occasion to get pics of the grandkids with their grandparents. We met up at Tennessee Wesleyan College & ran around campus trying to capture these kiddos on the “go!” Here’s a sneak peek.
I love Hayes’ reaction to Harry trying to give her a hug… as though she was thinking, “I haven’t got time for this.”
Judi & Cary Davis with Hayes & Harry.
And Allan & Margaret Veness… love the look on Harry’s face!

Joe & Brooke {Riceville, TN Country Wedding}

Brooke & her mother, Kim, were patient with me. Many weeks ago I was getting on the interstate in Knoxville headed toward Athens when I received a call from my wife, “Your appointment is here.” “Oh my goodness,” I thought to myself. The time had slipped by & I didn’t realize I was running so far behind for my meeting with Brooke & Kim. This is a rare thing for me. I can be quite meticulous about schedules & organization yet somehow I was in a pinch. Regardless of how fast I could drive, I was still going to be 45 minutes late. Yet when I arrived, they were both as sweet & kind as any client I’ve had. I was affected by their graciousness.

In our first meeting I asked Brooke to describe how she met her fiance, Joe. They met at the University of Tennessee where they happened to be attending the same party, hosted by his Fraternity, Farmhouse. She went with her friend, Megan, & by fate, saw an incredibly handsome guy (Joe) & admittedly, “saw his body before his face.” She quickly made an oath, “He will know my name before the night is over.” Yet, like many guys, he was oblivious. She saw an opportunity to meet him when he & some friends were playing corn hole. She walked up to him, took the drink out of his hand & said, “I can hold that for you.” At this point, she had his attention. Before the night was over, they took a walk together which resulted in Joe asking for Brooke’s number. They’ve been together since.

I asked Brooke if she had a picture of him. She whipped out her phone and showed me several pics. I pointed out how young he looked in the pics when they’d first started dating compared to the more recent pics. I’ll never forget when she said, “Yeah, I turned him into a man!!!” You can’t argue with that, in any case, she made him her man!

Last Saturday, this super-fun couple became Mr. & Mrs. Joe Greene. My good friend & sidekick, Alan Brock, assisted me at the wedding & as we drive down windy road after windy road, we began to wonder if we were headed in the right direction. Finally we happened upon a house situated next to an open field. Here, we caught up with Brooke as she was applying the final touches to her makeup & hair. I could tell she was a bit nervous but within minutes we were laughing like old friends & facing the day with shameless excitement. What an incredible day it would prove to be.
The light & the muted heat of an early fall day made for one of the most wonderful days of the year for an outside wedding. I spent additional time with Brooke… it was too gorgeous to pass up. Isn’t she beautiful?!
I really love the details of her dress.
I love every one of these… some of my favorite bridal portraits!
Joe has to be one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met; he’s top class!
After discussing the pro’s & con’s, Brooke & Joe were up for seeing one another before the ceremony. We captured their reactions during their “first look.”
Look at the genuine joy on Brooke’s face!
I could photograph on their farm every day… so many great places!
Brooke grew up in these fields & was always enamored by the power lines that ran through their farm.
As the ceremony began.
What a great idea for the ceremony. Guests were brought in on big trailers hauled by tractors & sat on hay bails covered with quilts of family & friends.
Brooke & her bridesmaids were ushered in via horse & carriage.
An especially moving moment in the ceremony occurred when they braided three ropes into one: one representing Joe & his family, another for Brooke & her family, & the last representing the presence of God in their lives… “a threefold cord is not easily broken.” -Ecclesiastes 4:12.
Guest threw grass seed at the couple as they exited the ceremony.
And the couple was ushered away…
Brooke & her reception boots.
A beautiful bride’s cake.
Love the top of the groom’s cake.
And BBQ sandwiches were the perfect fit for guests.
What a great couple! Congratulations Joe & Brooke… I can’t wait to hear about your new life in Arkansas. Thanks so much for allowing us the opportunity to photograph such a special event.

Josh & Kristie

It’s a story that I can’t wait to see progress. I’ve known Josh since I was a kid & we grew up neighbors. Now, he & his wife, Kristie, are in the process of adding to their family. They are walking through the steps of adopting & are currently putting together a guide about their family. It was such a pleasure to photograph Josh & Kristie & help them have images that portray their relationship. There were so many lovely images but these were my favorites. And, I eagerly await the opportunity to photograph for them once they have a little one & 2 becomes 3. I am excited for you guys… best wishes friends!

Wesley & Anna {Leighton, AL Wedding}

When I was 3 years old my dad followed his job with TVA from a little town in North Alabama, Guntersville, to the Smoky Mountains of East TN. Both of my parents are from Alabama; my mom having grown up in a little town called Leighton, AL, & my dad being from Tuscumbia, AL. When we talk about “family,” our minds always drift Southwest toward the Muscle Shoals of AL. Growing up I remember how excited my sister & I used to be as we sat in the back of my parents’ silver Pontiac Bonneville & we ventured from the hills to the flats. We’d pass down through Chattanooga to South Pittsburgh, AL, then Scottsboro to Huntsville, & last, from Decatur to our destination. When we’d reach my grandmother’s house (mom’s mom), we were surrounded by cotton fields, chicken houses, screen doors, apple trees & a huge Mimosa tree made for climbing. It was the life!

Best of all, some of our favorite cousins lived across the street, Wesley & Wendy. Because I’m the youngest of the grandchildren, I always felt taken care of by all my cousins. I vividly remember putting on comedy skits where we’d act out routines (think Who’s Line is it Anyway?). I always wanted to be as funny as my cousin, Wesley; his skits were always the funniest! At the time, my sense of humor was mostly defined by making farting noises (some things never change… ha!). It was a world far away from today & I as I look back, I realize how special it really was.

Just over a week ago I piloted my little family back toward the cotton fields of North Alabama. We were visiting for a very special reason as my cousin, Wesley, was marrying the love of his life, Anna. They met at church one Sunday when she visited with her cousin, who happens to be his best friend. What began as a friendship grew into something much more. She adored his ability to make her laugh no matter what the circumstance & he thought she was gorgeous & loved how she laughed with (sometimes at) him. On September 3, they became husband & wife. And they were kind enough to ask me to photograph the occasion. Congratulations Wesley & Anna (& their little girl, Kiley Grace); we love you guys!

The ceremony & reception was held at Leighton Baptist Church in Leighton, AL.
The couple displayed pics of family members who have passed away. The large picture in the silver frame are my grandparents, my mother’s parents, Lillian & Benjamin David Burden. Now that I think about it, we share similar taste in glasses… ha!
Anna’s dress was gorgeous.
The lovely bride, Anna.
And the dapper groom, Wesley.
They decided to see one another before the wedding; here are a few images from their “First Look.”
And of course we had to get outside!
Love these!
One of my favorites for sure!
As the ceremony begins. Their daughter, Kiley Grace, walked with Anna’s Father & Anna down the aisle… it was so cute!
It was such a pleasure to see them so happy!
Wesley is on a competitive BBQ team… apparently they’ve placed really high nationally in a few categories. His cake was so fitting. His mother, Nancy, did both of the cakes… isn’t it great!
And wow, a candy line at the reception!
They’ll cherish this forever!