Merry Christmas from the Finches!

As I lay in bed this morning, I was alerted by the sound of bare feet running through the house; I couldn’t help but smile. It’s the sounds that have become so familiar… giggling little boys, toy fire truck sounds as Brennan yells “to the Rescue!!!”, Knox singing “REJOICE!!!, REJOICE!!!, REJOICE!!!” (over & over & over again at the top of his lungs), Molly “gooing” in her bed talking to her mobile. It’s real life & it’s beautiful. I feel such gratitude this morning & would like to thank you all for being such great clients & friends. Merry Christmas… see you in 2012!


At Home TN Magazine | Feature Story

I often feel that some of my readers may grow weary hearing of how much I love my job. However, I can’t help but joyfully rave about the fun adventures I am afforded & the wonderful families I have the honor of working alongside. About this time last year I had the opportunity to photograph the home of Danny & Liz King of Sevierville, TN for the December ’11 Holiday Edition of At Home Tennessee Magazine. {If you’d like to view a free digital copy of the December ’11 edition, visit this courtesy link.} Liz was exceptionally hospitable as she gladly welcomed me into her lovely home & their wasn’t a single detail overlooked!

The day of the shoot couldn’t have been more perfect as we woke up to a snowy ground covering. Upon arrival I was able to meet the Interior Designer behind the King Residence, Sarah Bohleber, of Gift Gourmet & Interiors, Knoxville, TN. It’s always a pleasure to meet with designers & hear how they actualize the client’s vision. This was certainly the case for the King family; Liz said of Sarah, “we just clicked!”

I think you’ll love seeing the in’s & out’s of the King Residence… check out this beautiful home! And I think you’ll clearly see why At Home TN chose this home for their feature story.

Hunter & Katharine {Keith UMC & Old Woolen Mill Wedding}

It was the end of the year for classes at Tennessee Wesleyan College. She was a junior, he was a Sophomore. They were introduced by a mutual friend & it was into the summer before feelings began to develop. Yet before long, feelings for one another grew stronger which leads me to the opportunity to introduce you to Mr. & Mrs. Hunter Watson. It’s the story of Hunter & Katharine!

On what seemed like a simple celebration for Katharine’s mother’s birthday, Hunter clearly had something more in mind. After returning from dinner with her family, Katharine was picked up at her parents’ house & taken to Hunter’s home. Upon arrival, Katharine was greeted by candle light as Hunter began to explain how much she meant to him & that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. She said yes!

And that simple, “Yes!”, led to their wedding day, Saturday, December 10, 2011. The day began with a bridal brunch at the beautiful home of Laurie & Hunter Hallenburg. When I walked in the door I was met with such a warm greeting from Laurie & the other hosts. And the Christmas decoration was perfect & set a nostalgic mood that would last throughout the day.

The ceremony was held at Keith Memorial United Methodist Church in Athens, TN. They have such a wonderful parlor for brides, families & the wedding party. When I arrived, Katharine’s dress was ready.
And some of the details:
Some of the most meaningful moments of the day occurred when Katharine’s closest ladies were there to help her with the final preparations.
Katharine presented her dad, Carter, with a gift… the whole room was moved to tears. It’s so beautiful to see the unparalleled relationship between a father & a daughter.
And we snapped a few of Hunter as he was finishing up.
Hunter & Katharine chose to see one another before the ceremony (which, btw, was a great idea since the late Winter ceremony would’ve left us in the dark afterward for portraits!). We orchestrated an uninterrupted & private moment for the couple to see one another & help alleviate some the of stress of the day. I love first looks!
These are beautiful!
We then ventured over to the Keith Mansion for some outdoor portraits followed by portraits with the Wedding Party & families. The following are my favorite images of the day!
It was beautiful to see these two together.
Katharine looked stunning!
And her handsome groom, Hunter.
The Wedding Party.
As the ceremony was about to begin:
Katharine’s brother, John, read a portion of Scripture during the ceremony.
I loved the nostalgic feel that the Christmas decorations added to the sanctuary.
The grand exit before the couple was ushered away to the reception site, Old Woolen Mill, in Cleveland, TN.
Once we arrived at the reception I took a moment with the couple… although it was pitch black outside, we still had fun making use of available light coupled with off-camera flash. I love this image!
And the reception began!
The first dance… look at the joy on Katharine’s face!
And the dance with her father.
And Hunter with his mother.
And this is when the reception became a party!!! The band, Ascension, took things to a whole new level… they were fantastic!
Ha! At one point late in the reception, a friend grabbed my camera & pushed me out of the dance floor (L)… let’s just say that I didn’t mind at all!
And one last dance beneath the light of the moon! Congrats Hunter & Katharine… your wedding was incredible; thank you for allowing me the opportunity to spend this occasion with you!

Calling Glory {Promo Shoot}

I couldn’t be more excited to announce the promotional photos we shot of one of our favorite bands, Calling Glory. These guys are legit & their music is blowing up! And, rightfully so. This four person band is comprised of Dana Potvin (frontman vocals & guitar), Jones Beene (guitar), Drew Crabtree (bass) & Logan Early (drums). And I love the goal of their music, “to write songs in response to what God has done & is doing in their lives.” And I clearly see how God is at work it them!

We recently met up with Calling Glory to photograph for their new EP release (click here). Not only did we capture some incredible images but we had a great time hanging out with some wonderful friends. While you’re at it, connect with Calling Glory on Facebook. Here’s a sample of what we captured… stay tuned for more! *And thankful to my friend Alan Brock for rockin’ this shoot with me!

Can you believe how amazing the sunset was… these images are practically straight out of the camera!

Israel: A Photographic Journey now available on the iPad/iPhone

Just when I thought it couldn’t get an better, it does. I’m excited to share the news… “Israel: A Photographic Journey” is now available as an eBook for the iPad & iPhone (using Apple’s iBooks app)! And everyone said, “Hooray!!!” With the advancement in technology comes the ability to purchase & have a copy of my travel photography book for a fraction of the cost of owning a print version (although those are available as well!). In time for Christmas & available upon immediate download, you can receive the eBook for $14.99 or pick up/order a print copy for $115. The inventory for the eBooks are unlimited but in order to have a copy of the print version in your hand before Christmas, you may need to act fast. Click here to purchase. If you are local, I have a 4 copies available if you’d like to pick it up from the studio… contact me directly in that case.

Here’s a description of the book:
“Israel: a photographic journey is a collection of photographs taken from several trips to the ancient land of Israel. Many of the pictures have a biblical theme, yet others are more modern and descriptive of the land today. If you have never seen how beautiful the land of Israel is or have always wanted to visit, yet haven’t gathered the funds, consider Israel: a photographic journey. It will illuminate your perspective on that tiny stretch of land that has the entire world’s attention.”

Click here to view/order a copy from the publisher’s bookstore. 
And a few snapshots from the contents of the book:

A portion of the proceeds are reinvested into an account that provides support for those who are seeking to do university campus ministry & foreign missions/aids work. So far, we’ve been able to provide full financial support for 3 students doing work abroad.If you’re looking for a coffee table book rich in historical/spiritual meaning, check out Israel: A Photographic Journey. Buy a book = help support good things. In case you missed the link, it is: