The Maynards {Newborn | Athens, TN}

We’re from the same neighborhood. Growing up just down the street from one another, I’ve known Chris since I was in elementary school. Most of my memories of him involve either skateboards or Boy Scout meetings… oh the days! And his sister, Amanda, & I were in the same grade so we’ve been friends for ages.

Well, we’re back living in the same hood again. Just a few short months ago, Chris & his wife, Emily, purchased a house two streets over from ours. They’ve been overhauling the home & have recently moved in just prior to the birth of their first child, Ben. On March 8, 2012 at  1:25am, Ben was born into this world weighing 7.2 lbs at 20″ long.

I was privileged to visit the Maynard’s home last Thursday to pay Ben a visit & to welcome him. Congrats my friends… thanks for the opportunity to photograph your beautiful baby son. And, I can’t wait to put some steaks & burgers on the grill soon!

I love seeing these little features!
So happy for you guys! Love this little smirk on Ben’s face.

Buck & Vicki Wedding {Keith UMC, Athens, TN}

By the end of the evening while Vicki’s children were giving toasts, I found myself flooded with emotions. I watched one of my very best friends from childhood, Andrew, speak with joy & tenderness to his mother as she’d just given her hand in marriage to Buck. I’ve known the families of the bride & groom since I was 4 years old. Growing up you’d often find me at Andrew’s house, the Harrod’s, as it served like a second home to me. It seems like some summers, he & I were inseparable. We went on vacations together, visited grandparents together & sometimes fought like brothers. They were good times! And Buck’s sister & her husband, Maxine & Warren, were/are like grandparents to me. We grew up right next door to them & still love them like family. Although they moved across town years ago, my dad regularly attempts to move them back into the neighborhood!

Who would’ve imagined that these two families would unite in marriage? God would see fit that through adversity & the loss of their spouses, that Buck & Vicki find one another. In a sense, it’s a story of redemption. And they are such a wonderful couple. I am so honored to have shared this occasion with these two families. Congrats friends!

Vicki’s children & their families.

Vicki, the beautiful bride.
Buck & his children & their families.
Just prior to the ceremony.
The ceremony was in a beautiful little chapel at Keith Memorial United Methodist Church in Athens, TN. Pastor Dennie Humphries officiated the ceremony… there’s no telling how many weddings we’ve done together now!
Love the way they look at one another!
The reception was held at Vickie’s home; it was fantastic!
There was plenty of occasion for photos of family & guests. Love this pic of Andrew & his wife, Cara.
Cake details.
Buck & Vicki’s children offered toasts to the couple… such a lovely moment.
The night ended with a congratulations to Buck & Vicki! A warm thanks for allowing me to be a part of such a wonderful occasion.

2012 Knoxville Addy Awards

It’s an evening I’ve begun to eagerly look forward to every year… the Addy Awards Gala. I was again humbled & honored to sit beside some of the most talented designers, writers, developers, innovators (& more) in our region. Collectively, we enjoyed great food & drinks, a killer band, & good banter. It was the 2012 Knoxville Addy Awards, hosted at the Crowne Plaza, an evening of recognizing the most outstanding work in advertising. And for some reason, they let me come… again!

This weekend always marks a landmark for me professionally. This year I was honored to receive 5 awards: 1 Gold Addy for my Fall in TN photograph used for the Department of Tourism Brochure; 1 Silver Addy for the Department of Toursim Brochure; 1 Silver Addy for the cd cover photo for Calling Glory; 1 Silver Addy for a photograph I took while working with an Ad Agency in Knoxville (not pictured); & 1 Bronze Citation of Excellence for the ’11-’12 AACA Arts Guide. Below is a recap of some of the projects. [Below Left photo by BOPP]