Zach & Julie {Engagement Session | Athens, TN}

Our relationship goes back several years to when Joy & I lived in Memphis, TN. I moved up to Memphis from Mobile, AL to attend Graduate School & spent several years working as a Worship Leader & College Pastor. Our last two years in Memphis, I had the pleasure to be on staff at Hope Baptist Church in Olive Branch, MS, just outside of Memphis. It was there that I met Julie & Zach. At the time, they were both in High School & I doubt any of us would’ve imagined what life would look like 6 years later.

Several months ago I received an email from Julie saying that she wanted me to photograph her & Zach’s wedding! Their wedding will be in January 2013 in Memphis… Hey-O! After our first engagement session was rained out, we were able to schedule a date for them to head over & spend a day in East TN. We had a great time running around the city, watched the sun set over the mountains & even snuck in some Mexican food… praise-a-lujah!

Here are a few favorites from our time together:

Love this pic!

They can’t help but laugh when together.

Our library has a wonderful Wetlands Preservation Park that we love taking our kids to, however, it made the perfect setting for this shoot!

We ended the shoot by visiting one of my favorite scenic/lookout areas just a few miles from our house. The sunset was beautiful & so was my time with Julie & Zach. Thanks friends! I can’t wait to spend more time with you guys. 

Springboard {Business Entrepreneurship Class}

I’m excited to announce a great opportunity & something I’m encouraged to be a part of. For startup businesses & established businesses alike, join me as I partner with Tennessee Technology Center to offer, Springboard, a business entrepreneurship class. Beginning May 15, 2012, we’re kicking off the Springboard course at TTC & I have the honor to facilitate the class. As you’ll see in the graphic below, the course is designed to help creatives & small business owners become more sustainable in their business ventures. Together we’ll build a comprehensive biz plan, discover & implement management & marketing skills, & receive invaluable feedback from one another. For more info & to register, visit We’re going to have a great time & I’d love to walk through this with you!

Don’t hesitate to comment or email me with questions!

The Watsons {Family Maternity Session | Delano, TN}

Truth is, I’m going to try to tag along with this family for as long as they’ll let me. I have such a great time every opportunity I have to spend with the Watson Family. There’s just something about how hospitable & wonderful that they are, that makes me ever-eager to photograph for them. Every Spring I look forward to our time together.

When I first met Todd & Sara, it was Spring ’10, when I photographed Sofia when she was less than a year old (click here for that session). Sofia was sitting up by herself & proved to be one of the most photogenic little chicks I’d ever photographed.

Last Spring I revisited the Watsons & it was evident just how much Sofia had grown. We played with her dolls, went for a walk around the neighborhood, played ‘Ring around the Rosie’ in the field, & even visited Sara’s brother’s home (click here for session 2).

When I last spoke to Sara, she mentioned they were expecting again!!! Hooray! Congrats! So, the Watsons were eager to schedule a session documenting this stage of life… & we’re very excited to meet Eliza Anne Watson as she arrives soon! Should I mention that Sara is pregnant while they are also building a house?! Well done friend! We met up a few days ago near their temporary dwelling & took advantage of one of the most gorgeous views in our region. Here are a few of my favorites from our time together.

Not sure it gets any more beautiful than this.

After a few moments in the field, Sofia was bursting with excitement to get out the bubble machine. We had a blast!

That is good stuff!

Next, we headed across the street to a White Pine Orchard.

This may be one of my favorite pics ever; it does my heart good! I have a photo of Sofia from her first session where she gave me the same look!!! Classic. Oh, but no worries, the next shot was all smiles & giggles.

As we wrapped up, Sofia showed her affection for her little sis on the way… she’s going to be a fun big sister. Congrats Watson family. As always, I’m honored to photograph for you!

The Hurt Family {Kilpatrick Springs Farm | Sweetwater, TN}

It’s been a few short years since I’ve seen Fredrick & Angela. Last time I saw them I was wishing them farewell & best wishes after having photographed their October 2009 wedding. However, a few weeks ago I received an email from Angela that she, Fredrick, & their daughter, Hartley, were going to be in town (from Atlanta) celebrating Hartley’s 1st birthday. She was eager to have photos of this time in Hartley’s life!

Last Tuesday I had the opportunity to meet up with this fun crew & visit with this fun couple. Since Angela & her family are from Sweetwater, TN, we decided to do the session at the beautiful Kilpartick Springs Farm. It was a gorgeous morning & I had such a great time with the Hurt family. It was also a pleasure to see & visit Angela’s parents!

Thanks friends… here’s a few of my favorites; many more are to come. I hope you enjoy!

 My goodness! She is cute!


 I love this look on her face!



 It took her a little bit but she came out of her shell & began giggling.

 Such a beautiful family.




 Toward the end of the session, Hartley began to get a little tired… this is her “Mommy, it’s almost nap time!” look.

 However, she hung in there & let us capture some cute shots in her Easter dress.


 Thanks Hurt family! It’s always a pleasure to see you!


Erik & Macey {Engagement Session | Athens, TN}

Little did she know that when Erik came through the door with his roommate, Todd, to sign their lease agreement at Camelia Trace Apartments, that they’d end up neighbors. After many months of friendship, Erik informed Macey not to make plans for one Friday evening… they had plans & were going on a date together. Completely stunned by his confidence, Macey said okay & left. After that Friday night date, things would never be the same.

One thing is for certain, Erik & Macey enjoy one another! Whether it’s a date night at the movies & dinner, or going to church on the weekends or simply spending time with family… all is good when spent together! Macey likes to describe Erik as a big sweetheart, always willing to do anything for anyone at anytime. It’s his big heart, intelligence & the ability to always stay calm that keeps Macey secure in his arms! And it’s hard to miss Macey’s beauty both inside & out. Erik has a long list of qualities he finds attractive in his bride to be. It’s hard to miss her charming & loving personality, while realizing her ability to be playful yet confident. It’s wonderful to see how they compliment one another!

Following an amazing dinner at Amelia Island, Erik & Macey strolled to the pier afterward to watch the sunset. As scores of people showed up as well, Erik became super-nervous. Macey laid her head on his chest & sensed his heart racing. As they rode off in the car, she began to implore him to take better care of himself… his heart was beating too much & he needed to get a physical!! Ha. Little did she know. They arrived back at the resort & took a walk. As they approached the Amelia Island Chapel, Erik kneeled on one knee & asked Macey’s hand in marriage. “It was one of the most amazing moments ever.”

And that’s what leads us to Erik & Macey’s engagement session. The couple are getting married in August in Amelia Island & I couldn’t be more pleased to share the occasion with them. To celebrate their engagement, we chose to stay close to home & begin by photographing around the Athens downtown square. The overcast day made for an ideal setting & beautiful light.

 Two of my favorites!


 I love these little moments when I step back & just couples interact.




 Macey’s uncle used to have a store in downtown Athens & his name “Holden” is still painted above the back door. I love how the buildings make a perfect frame for them!



 You two look great!!!



 After a quick wardrobe change, we ventured a few miles down the road to a few scenic spots.


 This ground covering made for a lovely bouquet.

 I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful landscapes!


 This dancing series is gorgeous.





 They love to eat Japanese together, so of course we had to fit a lunch date into our engagement session.


 I might add that they aren’t fans of sushi but I totally am… plus it makes for a pretty pic! Thanks Erik & Macey. I’m so honored to photograph for you guys. I had such a great time & am eager to spend more time together!!! Congrats friends.