Jeremy and Emily’s Wedding {The North Carolina Arboretum, Asheville North Carolina}

It must be one of the true pleasures of life to be able to do something you love to do as a means of providing for your family. As I look back through Jeremy & Emily’s wedding, I’m humbled by the fact that I am so fortunate.

Many details led up to Jeremy & Emily’s big day. I met Jeremy while photographing muzzleloaders for Plastic Industries, where he works. He mentioned that he recently became engaged & would love some information on wedding photography. I was thrilled. However, I was even more thrilled when I realized that Jeremy is an extremely smart fella’ who happens to program & develop websites (he’s always the smartest guy in the room!). Hence, after a few conversations, it was a perfect fit… I was able to photograph for he & Emily’s wedding & he would take my website design & make it into the wonderful & easy functioning site you now see. Hooray!!! I think he deserves a round of applause.

Jeremy & Emily are the perfect fit. I’m not sure I’ve ever met two people who seem so right for one another. They decided to be married at the North Carolina Arboretum in Asheville, NC. Friends & family from all over came to celebrate & it was nothing short of fantastic… as in, 75 degree weather all day; hallelujah! I even had the opportunity to have one of my dear friends, Marcello Aquino (or as my kids call him, Uncle Marshmallow), drive over from Charlotte to photograph with me. It was wonderful… I hope you agree!

If anyone wants to get married here, count me in… beautiful!











Emily, as she prepares for her groom.














And Jeremy, w/his gents’, as he prepares to see his bride.









Some close friends took time to pray over Jeremy moments prior to the ceremony. There was such a strong emphasis on the Lord throughout the entire day… beautiful!

As the ceremony begins.


The ceremony.

A dear friend of mine, Brian Ladd, performed the ceremony… it was fantastic!

Jeremy surprised his bride with a song he wrote for her.

Love the look on Emily’s face!





The whole crew!

This was such a warm time to see these two together. I couldn’t love these images more!














Seriously, I can’t decide a favorite.

As the reception begins.




Jeremy’s cake was designed identical to his guitar & gear.








The toasts. Emily’s dad’s speech was top-class!


And Jeremy’s best man, staying true with his hilarious self!


Emily’s maid of honor offered a moving toast.






Beautiful little ladies!



Could there be a more perfect ending?!


Thank you friends, I am honored to have shared this day with you. The Lord bless you!


Mark & Bobbi’s Wedding {Smithview Pavilion, Maryville, TN}

From the moment I met Mark & Bobbi, I knew they’d be more than clients, they’d become friends. I’m sure it’s because of their magnetic & charming personalities that can make anyone feel welcome. Plus, they are crazy fun! You may recall their adventurous spirits from their engagement shoot which resulted with the couple in kissing in the middle of a fountain! (Click here for that session) I can’t wait to spend more time with these two.

For quite some time I’ve been eager for their wedding. When I pulled up to Smithview Pavilion in Maryville, TN, I knew we (myself & Alan) were in for a treat. The scene was set for a beautiful event; Mark & Bobbi would not disappoint.

I stepped into to meet with Bobbi & her ladies & was greeted by Mark’s beautiful little niece. 

The gorgeous bride as she preps. 

A note & gift for his bride. 

I was so pleased how these turned out. I shot several rolls of film at the wedding… the metallic look was achieved by cross-processing the film & converting it to black & white. Isn’t that so rad?!

Bobbi, you are so fun… & beautiful!

With her ladies. 

Mark & his men. 

I love the ceremony location! 

Prior to the ceremony, Mark & Bobbi took a minute to see one another; I love how it comforted them both!

Beautiful… love the emotional feel that film achieves. 

As the ceremony begins. 

Love the emotion Alan captured on Mark’s face as he saw his bride. 

(L) The beauty of technology. A relative who was unable to attend watched the wedding via web-cam feed. 

“Ladies & gentlemen, I now present to you Mr. & Mrs. Mark Powell.”

The reception was nothing short of a party!

Mark’s brother offered a fantastic toast!

And then… they let loose!

Congrats friends! I hope you enjoy a wonderful marriage together. Enjoy your sneak peek!

Kristen + Houston {Spring Wedding | Sevierville, TN}

Hey everyone, meet the Hodges!  I (Alan) first met Kristen and Houston a year ago at my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding.  At the time, they were still dating, but everyone knew it was only a matter of time before this couple would become Mr. and Mrs.  Fast forward a bit, and Houston decided to take advantage of his surroundings for the proposal.  They got engaged at a beautiful river in the mountains of East Tennessee.  Of course, based on my history of dropping things (most notably a camera…twice) into rivers, this made me nervous!  However, Houston is one cool cat, so he was not the least bit worried.  Kristen of course said “yes” and that brings us to their June wedding.

Here are some of my favorite moments from your big day:

  • I will absolutely never forget how helpful everyone was throughout the day.  Literally all I had to do was press the shutter button; everything else was taken care of for me.  A HUGE thanks to everyone (hair and make-up stylist, wedding coordinator, and anyone else I may be leaving out) for making sure everyone and everything was picture perfect!
  • Spend even a minute with these two and it’s clear that they’re perfect for one another.  In today’s world of The Bachelorette, Bridezillas, and Say Yes To The Dress (Jenn’s been watching a lot of TLC while staying home with the baby), you see some…interesting couples out there!  It’s great to see two people come together that you know will stand the test of time.
  • Even though the wedding was in Sevierville, it felt like home to me.  Jenn and I were married in the same church, we stood in the same sanctuary a year ago for my brother-in-law’s wedding, and Jenn and I even used the same videographer as Houston and Kristen.  I have so many great memories of this church!

(Honorable mention “favorite moment” goes to mine and Ben’s post wedding ‘business meeting’ at Waffle House; this may become a thing!  With Jenn at home with Addison, Ben joined me for the day.  You’ll notice his images below when you see the “ben” watermark in the lower lefthand corner.”


A very touching tribute to Houston’s father who has gone on to Heaven.









The bride-to-be getting ready for the day.






I have photographic evidence that someone below is wearing ankle socks; apparently there was some serious heckling going on about this!  However, that picture will not be shown to protect the innocent!


I love these images of Kristen; she’s absolutely gorgeous and such a natural in front of the camera!






The bridesmaids having some fun!




Kristen and Houston decided to see each other for the first time when she walked down the aisle.  However, we didn’t let a little thing like that get in the way of exchanging gifts!




The getaway car.


A very special moment just before the the ceremony started.  All the girls joined hands to pray for the couple-to-be.



I absolutely love these candid moments Ben captured before everyone entered the sanctuary!




The bell ringers announced the start and did it in style!  This guy was in a full sprint the entire way!



As always, Pastor Randy did a fantastic job.  I loved how he made the ceremony so personal with stories about the two of them growing up in the church.



Mr. and Mrs. Houston Hodges!




A great looking couple and the light was beautiful; I couldn’t ask for anything else!









The reception was held at Music Road Hotel.








Wedding cake and a white grape juice toast for the new couple.



After cake, it was time to dance!






A sparkler send-off ends the day in style!



Caroline Skinner’s Bridal Session {Historic Scott Mansion | Tellico Plains, Tennessee}

Set on a beautiful hill in Tellico Plains, TN is the Historic Scott Mansion, which happens to be the setting for Caroline’s bridal session. Caroline & Levi became husband & wife this past weekend at the Scott Mansion in a ceremony that was as lovely as ever. You may recall the lovely couple from their engagement sessions (click here). There have been so many things that have happened since the last time I saw them. First, Levi’s baseball team, the Tennessee Wesleyan College Bulldogs, won the NAIA National Championship… yeah, yeah! And, a week later, Levi was drafted by the Seattle Mariners to play professional baseball. Talk about talent! I’m so happy for these two.

A few weeks ago, I met up with Caroline for her bridal session & since the wedding has occurred, I was excited to share these images. Caroline couldn’t have looked better. We managed to shoot for about 35-40 minutes before a monsoon came, thankfully we had the foresight to seek shelter before getting drenched. Here are some of my favorites… which are your favorites?









Love these… such an elegant look!





As I was driving away, I happened to see this rainbow.


At Home TN Magazine | Celebrity Issue of Knoxville’s David Keith

You may recall him from several films. When I found out I was on assignment to photograph Knoxville’s David Keith & his home for At Home Tennessee’s Celebrity Issue, I was thrilled. Immediately, memories of watching An Officer and A Gentlemen, where Keith’s stellar performance received 2 Golden Globe nominations, came to mind. I love that movie! And I’ll never forget being in Nashville, TN in the Opryland Hotel with my family & they allowed me to stay in the room & I rented Major League 2… ah, the memories! I could go on & on. You’ll notice David Keith has had a tremendous career, with appearances in NCIS, CSI, & Hawaii Five-Oto name a few. And, my office manager, Jason, would kill me if I didn’t mention that he was Jack Murdock in Daredevil.

In early May I was privileged to visit Keith’s home & spend some time with he & his beautiful family. The first thing I noticed is his warm & generous spirit; he was immediately hospitable & full of personality. It’s little wonder he’s had such a great career. As well, his home is so fun; he loves to be surrounded by things he loves! Here is the issue of At Home Tennessee (if you’d like to check out a digital issue of the magazine, click here).

Keith’s dining room made the cover! Sweet!

This was my favorite photo of the day. When I first arrived, David brought me to his music room & I captured this photo while he was playing some blues on his steel guitar.

Check out the rest of the story.