Erik & Macey’s Wedding {Ritz-Carlton | Amelia Island, Florida}

My excitement reached a peak as my friend & sidekick for the trip, Robert Miles, & I veered off the main road down a gravel driveway that headed back toward the water. We had crossed over the canal bridge & both said, “We have to figure out a way to get over there!” Little did we know that a spontaneous turn resulted in finding one of the most beautiful secret spots on the island.

Since their engagement shoot, I’ve been anticipating Erik & Macey’s Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island, Florida Wedding. These two happen to be some of the most generous people I know; they are wonderful. I’ve known Macey since High School & have always thought highly of she & her family. And Erik is top-class; there’s little wonder why they make such a wonderful couple.

Throughout the weekend, I was humbled as I considered Erik & Macey’s generosity. On several occasions they were eager to check in on us, ensuring we had everything we needed. At one point I exclaimed, “I can’t believe I get to do this for a living.” Erik & Macey, let me just say, you two are fantastic; I hope you enjoy your wedding preview & thank you again for the honor to photograph your wedding.

I love Amelia Island! Just look at the landscape.

We arrived in time for the rehearsal & spent some time together afterward… beautiful!





And the wedding day began. If you’ve never stayed at a Ritz-Carlton, you are missing out on some serious hospitality… & beauty. The lovely Laia Climent was the wedding coordinator & did a fantastic job, a pleasure to work alongside.




Some of the details.










Such a gorgeous bride.

And the dapper groom.



As the ceremony began.








The lawn site of the brunch following the ceremony.



The brunch following the wedding was incredible; one of chefs made me the very best omelet I have ever eaten.






And some time together!

We stopped by the location where Erik proposed… such a beautiful spot!

And this is the secret little place on the island that we found… amazing!

Can I please build a cabin & live right here?! Also happens to be one of my favorite photos of the year!


And another photo up for favorite of the year!


Yeah yeah.


Amelia Island, can I please come back?





Ladies & Gentlemen, Mr. & Mrs. Erik Garkovich!


Do you Instagram?

If you don’t know what Instagram is, we have to talk! It clearly ranks up there as one of my favorite technologies. Instagram is a photography app where you can take photos, post them into a feed & share with friends/family. It’s social in interaction & much like Twitter or Foursquare, except for photos. The photos are small & square & you can use different editing effects to create your own style. I love it! It’s clearly the perfect app for people who love photography + love being social. Plus, I love the fact that I now have friends all over the world through this app. For me, I enjoy taking snapshots of everyday life & then being able to look back through my feed & reflect on those times. It’s much like a photo journal. So… are you on Instagram? If not, let’s connect. My username is @benfinch or you can follow this link:

By far my favorite use for Instagram is for personal, family photos. I can easily look back through my feed while laughing & crying at the same time!

Here are a few recent favorites from the last few weeks… Amelia Island, FL wedding & Panama City Beach Florida vacation.

Introducing our Registry!

I’ve heard it dozens of times before, yet with each occurrence, I’m still affected. And no matter how much I understand that I’m not the right fit for everyone, I’m always saddened when I hear emails such as the following:

“I think my biggest regret about our wedding was not asking you to do the pictures. You were slightly out of our price range and we went with someone that was recommended by a friend… I was disappointed by a lot of the shots. frown There wasn’t one formal bridal shot in what she gave us, no creativity in the group shots and there were some pretty amateur mistakes with white balance and some of the group shots… Every time you post beautiful pictures from a wedding I get a little bit sad that we didn’t spring for you. Maybe we’ll do an anniversary shoot with you in the future.”

My goal is to never hear such a thing again!!! I genuinely love my job & thrive being behind the camera. Many clients find themselves in a dilemma as they have wonderful dreams & ideas for their weddings, family shoots, & etc., yet the reality of their budget is ever present. Our registry is a creative & practical way to help our clients pay for their photography services & products. And every client rejoices!!! When someone makes a contribution (we accept Cash/check, Credit Card or PayPal) toward their registry, clients will receive a lovely custom gift card stating the amount given. Plus, they’ll be able to periodically check in to see how much is in their account. And I’d be careless not to mention that we’ve come up with some way to help you communicate with your friends, families & guests.

Sounds pretty simple right? The easiest way to access the registry is located under the ‘Services’ tab on the top right navigation menu. Once you’re on the page you’ll notice information about the registry as well as a form below. Much like a traditional registry, clients are able to receive financial credit towards photography products & services. This is the perfect solution for clients who want to make sure they are able to hire the photographer & purchase the products that they really want!

What a fantastic idea! Coming soon we will also introduce a fancy app that some of our friends created that takes the registry concept to a whole new level… so proud of them. In the meantime, we hope this opens new doors of opportunities for clients everywhere! If you’re an existing or future client of Finch Photo, feel free to give me a shout if you have any questions.