Chad + Megan’s Fall Wedding {Trinity United Methodist Church | Athens, Tennessee}

It was one of those days when everything seemed right… the weather was perfect, the Fall leaves were gorgeous & our little town, Athens, was hosting it’s downtwon Pumpkintown festival. I recall waking up & walking outside in disbelief at how beautiful the day was to be. That morning I took my family down to the festival as we visited the petting zoo, listened to Bluegrass, ate Bratwursts, & casually shopped at the dozens of sidewalk vendors on the square. Incredible, right?!

At the same time, Megan & her girls were getting ready for a very special day. Many were gathered, eager to share with her as she married the man of her dreams. Here’s a highlight of Megan + Chad’s Fall Wedding; enjoy!


Lovely details.






Heavenly Creations by Jen did a beautiful job with the bouquets & flowers.


And Megan was stunning.

With her ladies.





And Chad, the groom.

And his fellas.





As the ceremony was to begin.









Love these moments together.



The reception was held at Springbrook Golf & Country Club… such a nice venue.












Introduction of the Wedding Party.









The bouquet toss was serious business!


The dancing began.

This guy ripped it up!















And the exit.



Chad + Megan, I had a wonderful time at your wedding. Thank you so much for the opportunity. I hope you love your preview!


The Value of a Photograph

I remember hearing my mom describe those moments just prior having to evacuate her home & all her belongings as Hurricane Katrina was fast approaching. In a matter of a few short hours she would have to decide what to keep, what to leave behind. Essentially, she was able to keep only what would fit in her car. She found herself sorting through clothing, family heirlooms, jewelry & other valuable items, gathering as much as possible just prior to packing it into her car & evacuating.

Little did she know that the next time she’d visit her waterfront home on the Bay of New Orleans, she would return to a home massacred by devastating winds & water. Her new sailboat, a recent purchase, shipwrecked. Her roof, collapsed. Her furniture, thrown across the home’s interior. Many valuable items, destroyed. She would have to start over. Completely.

When I asked her what she was most thankful that she took with her, I was surprised by her answer. “Photographs. They were the only things that were irreplaceable.” She was right. Why? Because photographs equal memories, history & legacy. One glimpse of a photograph can conjure up emotions immediately. And they have a way of allowing us to remember… to remember the day I took my beautiful bride’s hand in marriage, when I held Brennan (my firstborn) for the first time, when my dad & I restored our 1980 Jeep, or to remember how Knox’s smile absolutely takes over his face. These are some of the things I never want to forget.

I don’t say this only as a photographer, I say this as a Son, a Husband, a Dad, a Brother & a Friend… there is something priceless about a photograph. I can say with complete sincerity that my life is deeply enriched when I walk into my home/studio & see dozens of photos that decorate the walls & tables. I love to be surrounded by images of people, places & things I value.

I hope you fill your life with photos you love!


Meet Jason & Meg!

Due to booming business (and/or Ben’s inability to keep up with everything!), Finch Photo has expanded its staff! There are two new faces around the studio these days. Why? There are dozens of reasons, yet at the heart of it is a desire to provide care & an excellent experience for everyone we are fortunate to serve. Hence, we found it necessary to bring on some wonderful people who are very gifted in their respected areas so that we each can focus on the areas that we need.  I can’t begin to express how exciting it is & there’s no doubt that you’ll begin to see the influence of these talented folks. I believe each of our clients are going to be even more ecstatic as we grow & implement some things we’ve been eager to see come to fruition. Without further ado, meet Jason & Meg!

Jason Wallis Office Manager

Jason Wallis was recently named the Office Manager of Finch Photo. He divides his time writing/illustrating and balancing the books at Finch Photography. Creativity is a passion in his life and joining the team at Finch Photo was a perfect fit. Jason has spent 14 years in ministry creating/maintaining budgets of all sizes. “Working with numbers is just like riding a bike, after you crash into a tree you can count your broken bones,” said 9-year old Jason.

Jason usually stays behind the scenes but is always available to discuss contracts, forms, comic books, deposits, balances, registries, and every episode of “Saved By The Bell.” We all play our part to provide the best experience to engage our clients. We’ve been blessed to work with some of the nicest and most caring people around.

Jason and his beautiful wife Kati live in Athens with their two dogs: Clark and Lucy. As Athens natives, they have an addiction to Mayfield Milk and are convinced it comes from unicorns instead of cows.

Oh and in case you are curious, the whole “balancing books” thing was figurative and literal.

Meg Prewitt Business Director

Ben shot Meg’s engagement and wedding back in 2010 and she is enthusiastic to work for such a gifted photographer. An Etowah native who resides in Knoxville with her husband Clay, Meg is looking to grow and expand the Finch name into other markets. Prewitt has a long term vision for Finch Photo and cannot wait to work with all of the clients and build relationships. “By looking at Ben’s photos, I know he is passionate about what he does and to work for a person who truly cares for the client means a lot to me.”

Meg has a background in media, marketing, journalism and sales. As the Business Director, she will coordinate all things business including client relations and marketing. And with a background in Styling & Fashion, she’s already proven herself a tremendous asset. You’ll soon see blog features written by Meg such as,”Making Sure You Look Like ‘You’ on Your Wedding Day,” “What to Wear on an Engagement Shoot,” “Tips for Adding A Little Something Extra on Your Shoot,” & more. Meg brings a whole bunch of ‘girliness’ to the crew that we certainly needed & her experiences have helped shape her into the perfect fit for Finch Photo.

So… come on over & visit us at the Studio sometime when you’re in town! We love guests & make a mean Chai Latte that is certain to change your life. And don’t hesitate to shoot Jason & Meg an email & welcome them to the team; you’ll love these two!

“A Historic Home Restored” | At Home Tennessee Magazine {September Issue}

One of the things I love most about my job is that I am able to travel to new places, meet new people & see new things. I often kid with Joy, my wife, as she tends to think I’m a bit insane for wanting to “Go, go, go” all the time. She’s simply more content than I am. Although I live a mile from my studio, I always attempt to drive a different way to & from home than I did before… backroads & detours… no straight lines for me. I don’t know what it is, so I call it adventure. Variety is very much a ‘spice’ in my life!

And wonderful people like the folks of At Home Tennessee have been super-kind for allowing me to shoot several homes & stories on their behalf. They constantly feature wonderful places & I’ve yet to walk away from a shoot that didn’t enrich my life. Thank you At Home Tennessee! And Joy thanks you as well for helping satiate my love for travel!

For the September ’12 issue, I was thrilled to have a historic home in Soddy Daisy that I photographed to serve as the feature story. The homeowners, Annette & Tony Clark, restored this beautiful home. When I saw the ‘before’ pics, I was blown away at the transformation. Here is the spread.






Hayes & Maigan’s Vineyard Engagement Session {Tsali Notch Vineyard | Madisonville, TN}

Oh man… get ready for some serious fun with these two. First of all, let me preface by saying a HUGE congrats to Hayes & Maigan for their wedding which was last Saturday. It was insanely beautiful! Think outdoor, riverside, string lights, drinks in a canoe, bluegrass band, rock & roll band… I could go on & on. Cannot wait to get those up. Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way, here’s a bit of background…

When I was 4 years old, my dad uprooted our family from North Alabama & moved us to the hills of East TN. We landed in a small town called Athens & in a subdivision known as Cumberland Hills. It was there that I met & became best friends with a girl named Maigan. She & my friend, Justin, are probably my two longest standing friends I’ve ever had. We spent just about every waking minute together for what seemed like years… jumping on the trampoline, collecting stickers (yes… I collected stickers. Nerd!), swimming, throwing Halloween parties, riding bikes, shooting basketball, playing in the tree-house, running through the woods, wading the creek, & so much more. At one point both of our families got puppies & it ended up that we had brothers from the same litter, Rocky (the Shanks’ dog) & JB (our dog); Twins! I could literally tell dozens of stories… like when I burnt her family’s yard on fire. Yep, denied that one for years!!!

By now you realize that my friend Maigan met a handsome fella’ named Hayes. They are simply crazy about each other & I couldn’t be happier about it. So… here’s an engagement photo recap about a Kansas Jayhawk & Vanderbilt Commodore. And let me tell you, there couldn’t be a more wonderful place for their shoot than Tsali Notch Muscadine Vineyard. A shout out to my friend JD & his wife Julie for their hospitality!




Time for a bit of Muscadine juice. Once I get started I can drink an entire bottle; it’s fabulous. Plus, you should try their jellies too!


Such a beautiful landscape. Tsali Notch happens to be the largest Muscadine Vineyard in the state of Tennessee.


Hayes is a fantastic musician & brought out one of his favorite guitars.


Excuse me Fender, this would make a fantastic ad!












Love this pic!

Ummm, yeah! ‘Nuff said.


Ranking up their with one of my favorite photos of the year.


Had to break out my super powers in order to take this pic.


And oh Heck Yes!!!


That’s a wrap… absolutely love this shoot. Thank you Hayes & Maigan.