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I trust many of you were able to tune into Fox 43 this am for my segment on ‘Tips for Mobile Photography.’ At the time of writing this I am anticipating that all went really well & hopefully you benefitted from seeing the story. And if you happened to miss it (how dare you… ha!), the below notes are for you as well.

Taking photos with your phone is no laughing matter anymore. Stories regularly surface about how legitimate journalists & photographers are now harnessing the casual yet respected ability of their iPhone to document stories as large as wars (click here for example). It’s little wonder why an entire industry has developed around mobile photography. For someone like myself who makes his living behind the lenses of camera equipment as expensive as my car, I often find my phone’s camera the perfect tool for capturing moments that would go otherwise undocumented. Thus, knowing how to use your phone’s camera is really important. Here are a few of my tips.


A few helpful links:

Maybe you have questions or have tips you’d like to add, let me know… let’s start the conversation!


Brad & Paige’s Secrets Maroma Beach Wedding {Riviera Cancun, Mexico}

When I received a call from Paige asking if I would be up for traveling to Riviera Cancun, Mexico to the Secrets Maroma Beach to photograph her wedding, I was ecstatic. “Of course!!!” First of all, I’m a bit embarrassed at how much I love traveling. Knowing that I am going to get to travel provides several months worth of motivation to work at home. And my sweet bride, Joy, has been looking forward to the warm sun of Mexico for quite some while. And deep in her heart, she would’ve given anything to be able to stay forever on the white beaches of Riviera Cancun. It was simply beautiful & clearly one of the most desirable places I’ve been. Thus, don’t be alarmed when I start putting in for job transfers to the Riviera!

Let me begin this story by stating that Brad & Paige were wonderful to Joy & I during our stay. They were so generous & not once made us feel as though we were anything but honored guests. I often found myself thinking, “Wow, how did I become so fortunate?” But enough about me, here’s how it all started.

It must’ve been fate, rather providence. Or maybe ’twas the magic that comes along with being an Auburn Tigers fan. Yet in November ’09, Paige found herself waiting for a friend to join her for dinner at a Birmingham grill. It was during the Auburn vs. Georgia game when a patron at the bar area made an awry comment about Auburn that struck a nerve in them both. A mutual smile led to an introduction, which led to Facebook friends & football games, resulting in an official status change by the end of January ’10. And they’ve been together since. It’s the story of Brad & Paige. I’m fortunate to have had the opportunity to document their beautiful Mexico wedding. Here are a few of my favorites!
I could’ve stayed here forever. Ladies & gentlemen, here’s what Paradise looks like!
BradPaigeWedding-5_WEB BradPaigeWedding-7_WEB BradPaigeWedding-8_WEB BradPaigeWedding-10_WEB BradPaigeWedding-12_WEB BradPaigeWedding-13_WEB BradPaigeWedding-14_WEB BradPaigeWedding-15_WEB BradPaigeWedding-16_WEB BradPaigeWedding-17_WEB BradPaigeWedding-18_WEB BradPaigeWedding-21_WEBBradPaigeWedding-26_WEB BradPaigeWedding-27_WEBBradPaigeWedding-29_WEB
Upon our Wednesday arrival, we joined Brad & Paige for a beachside bonfire to welcome everyone. 
Although we missed sunset, I spent some time with Brad & Paige around the resort & captures some pics of the happy couple. I wasn’t able to travel with much lighting gear so I got rather creative using video lights coupled with light fixtures throughout the campus. 
BradPaigeWedding-32_WEB BradPaigeWedding-34_WEB BradPaigeWedding-35_WEB BradPaigeWedding-36_WEB BradPaigeWedding-37_WEBBrad & Paige thought of everything to make sure their guests felt welcome. As the wedding day arrived, all was perfect. 

BradPaigeWedding-38_WEB BradPaigeWedding-39_WEB BradPaigeWedding-41_WEB BradPaigeWedding-42_WEBWedding day preparations began.

BradPaigeWedding-44_WEB BradPaigeWedding-46_WEB BradPaigeWedding-47_WEB BradPaigeWedding-48_WEBAdrian Guerra, Styling Trio Riviera Maya, is considered a makeup rockstar & I can now vouch for his skills! Might I add that in addition to his flawless work, he & his team are kind, generous & set themselves apart as fellow vendors you’d be honored to work alongside. Great work my friend!
A few details.BradPaigeWedding-63_WEB

BradPaigeWedding-1-3_WEBBradPaigeWedding-54_WEB BradPaigeWedding-56_WEB BradPaigeWedding-58_WEBBradPaigeWedding-61_WEB BradPaigeWedding-67_WEB BradPaigeWedding-68_WEB BradPaigeWedding-69_WEBBradPaigeWedding-84_WEB
Paige was such a beautiful & joyful bride… I love the fact that she smiled all day!
BradPaigeWedding-104_WEB BradPaigeWedding-73_WEB
BradPaigeWedding-76_WEB BradPaigeWedding-79_WEBBradPaigeWedding-82_WEB
And Brad, the handsome groom. 
Moments prior to the ceremony.
Secrets Maroma’s on-site wedding coordinator, Cecilia, was top-class. Simply lovely. 
Ceremony details… perfect.
As the ceremony begins.
BradPaigeWedding-113_WEBBradPaigeWedding-74_WEB BradPaigeWedding-115_WEBBradPaigeWedding-80_WEB BradPaigeWedding-117_WEB BradPaigeWedding-111_WEB
BradPaigeWedding-118_WEBBradPaigeWedding-87_WEB BradPaigeWedding-119_WEB BradPaigeWedding-120_WEB BradPaigeWedding-121_WEB BradPaigeWedding-126_WEB BradPaigeWedding-128_WEBBradPaigeWedding-89_WEB
BradPaigeWedding-130_WEB BradPaigeWedding-132_WEB BradPaigeWedding-133_WEB BradPaigeWedding-134_WEB BradPaigeWedding-135_WEBAnd of course, my favorite part of the day. 
Located within walking distance of the resort is an abandoned mansion. We were fortunate to photograph her for a bit following the ceremony. I love the beautiful & flawless bride coupled with such rough textures. 
These stair pics are my favorites!

BradPaigeWedding-145_WEB BradPaigeWedding-146_WEB BradPaigeWedding-147_WEB BradPaigeWedding-148_WEB BradPaigeWedding-149_WEB BradPaigeWedding-150_WEB BradPaigeWedding-152_WEB BradPaigeWedding-154_WEBOkay… this may be my favorite too!
What I wouldn’t give for perfect light at every wedding… sigh.
BradPaigeWedding-159_WEBThe reception was held poolside next to a beautiful gazebo. And just to show you how thoughtful Brad & Paige are… Joy & I had no expectation to be included in the wedding activities yet they insisted we participate & saved us seats for dinner. I was overcome with feelings of blessings.
BradPaigeWedding-163_WEB BradPaigeWedding-164_WEB BradPaigeWedding-165_WEB BradPaigeWedding-166_WEB BradPaigeWedding-168_WEB BradPaigeWedding-169_WEB BradPaigeWedding-173_WEBPraise-a-lujah!
BradPaigeWedding-174_WEB BradPaigeWedding-176_WEBAt sunset, I stole the couple away for a few moments to enjoy a bit of time on the beach. I’m so thankful they were up for it!
Yep, I’m calling this one my favorite.
BradPaigeWedding-182_WEB BradPaigeWedding-183_WEBSuch genuine happiness.
BradPaigeWedding-185_WEB BradPaigeWedding-186_WEB BradPaigeWedding-189_WEB BradPaigeWedding-195_WEBAs the sun set, I took a moment to step back & reflect upon how fortunate I am to photograph for such wonderful clients & friends. Although it’s never easy to work for yourself, occasions like this allow me to gain perspective & hope I never wake up from this beautiful dream. Enjoy!



Keith & Jamie’s Maternity Session {Athens, TN}

Ahh… the joy of photographing for clients that you love. You may recall Keith & Jamie from earlier in 2012 for their Historic Scott Mansion wedding. Just 10 months removed from one of the most beautiful weddings of my calendar year & we’re excited to anticipate the soon arrival of Levi Townsend due in April. Just a few short weeks ago when I photographed for Keith & Jamie, it seemed that Spring was quickly upon us, with hints of warmth in the crisp air & buds beginning to bloom. As I write, I look out over the courthouse square & see snowflakes the size of nickels fall from the sky. Yet when I glance through this maternity session I am refreshed & eager for the coming season. And I anticipate seeing little Levi in a few weeks & welcoming him to new life. Here are few of my favorites from Keith & Jamie’s Maternity Session. 
KeithJamieMaternity-3_WEB KeithJamieMaternity-4_WEB KeithJamieMaternity-6_WEB KeithJamieMaternity-7_WEB KeithJamieMaternity-8_WEB KeithJamieMaternity-9_WEB KeithJamieMaternity-11_WEB KeithJamieMaternity-14_WEB KeithJamieMaternity-16_WEB KeithJamieMaternity-17_WEB KeithJamieMaternity-18_WEB KeithJamieMaternity-19_WEB KeithJamieMaternity-21_WEB KeithJamieMaternity-22_WEB

L’Amour Du Vin Wine Auction & Dinner {Knoxville Museum of Art}

The Knoxville Museum of Art & presenting sponsor, Lexus of Knoxville, held their 10th annual L’Amour Du Vin Wine Auction & Dinner the weekend of March 2. The event kicked off with a Sponsor Dinner held at the lovely & prestigious Blackberry Farm in Walland, TN. If you have yet to visit the lovely Blackberry Farm, you’re missing out on what is considered one of the top properties in the world. It is exquisite. Here are a few of my favorites from the evening.

KMA_SponsorsDinnerBlog-1_WEB KMA_SponsorsDinnerBlog-3_WEB KMA_SponsorsDinnerBlog-4_WEB KMA_SponsorsDinnerBlog-6_WEB KMA_SponsorsDinnerBlog-8_WEB KMA_SponsorsDinnerBlog-9_WEB KMA_SponsorsDinnerBlog-11_WEBChef Dean Fearing of Fearing’s Restaurant from the Ritz-Carlton, Dallas was the guest chef for the weekend (pictured R). 
Guest Vintners Mary Novak, Beth Novak Milliken and Lindy Novak of Spottswoode Estate and Winery. 
KMA_SponsorsDinnerBlog-16_WEB KMA_SponsorsDinnerBlog-17_WEB KMA_SponsorsDinnerBlog-18_WEB KMA_SponsorsDinnerBlog-20_WEB KMA_SponsorsDinnerBlog-21_WEB KMA_SponsorsDinnerBlog-22_WEB KMA_SponsorsDinnerBlog-26_WEB KMA_SponsorsDinnerBlog-27_WEB KMA_SponsorsDinnerBlog-28_WEB KMA_SponsorsDinnerBlog-30_WEB KMA_SponsorsDinnerBlog-32_WEB KMA_SponsorsDinnerBlog-33_WEB KMA_SponsorsDinnerBlog-34_WEB KMA_SponsorsDinnerBlog-35_WEB KMA_SponsorsDinnerBlog-39_WEBKMA_SponsorsDinnerBlog-42_WEB KMA_SponsorsDinnerBlog-43_WEB KMA_SponsorsDinnerBlog-45_WEB

The L’Amour Du Vin Wine Auction & Dinner was held at the Knoxville Museum of Art & was in full swing Saturday evening. I arrived early to capture the details. 
L'AmourDuVine'13Blog-2_WEB L'AmourDuVine'13Blog-6_WEB L'AmourDuVine'13Blog-7_WEB L'AmourDuVine'13Blog-8_WEB L'AmourDuVine'13Blog-11_WEB L'AmourDuVine'13Blog-12_WEB L'AmourDuVine'13Blog-13_WEB L'AmourDuVine'13Blog-15_WEB L'AmourDuVine'13Blog-17_WEB L'AmourDuVine'13Blog-18_WEB L'AmourDuVine'13Blog-19_WEB L'AmourDuVine'13Blog-21_WEBDavid Butler, Executive Director of the KMA, welcomes guests. 
The Novak ladies of Spottswoode. 
Andy Chabot, Sommelier & Director of Food & Beverage, introduces Guest Chef Dean Fearing.

L'AmourDuVine'13Blog-24_WEB L'AmourDuVine'13Blog-25_WEBAlso joining the event is Featured Artist Robert Van Vranken whose work Untitled (After the Poison Map) has served as the 2013 signature image.

L'AmourDuVine'13-367_WEB L'AmourDuVine'13-314_WEB
L'AmourDuVine'13Blog-26_WEB Featured Artist Robert Van Vranken’s Untitled (After the Poison Map), pictured R.
L'AmourDuVine'13Blog-28_WEB L'AmourDuVine'13Blog-29_WEB L'AmourDuVine'13Blog-31_WEB L'AmourDuVine'13Blog-32_WEBThe lovely Kreis Beall of Blackberry Farms takes a moment to speak to the guests. 


Will Hickey’s 9-Month Lifestyle Session {Knoxville, TN}

There’s much to be said about this little fella. Meet Will Hickey. Will is the handsome young son of Charlie & Stephanie Hickey. I had the opportunity to visit the Hickey home a few weeks ago to photograph Will’s 9-month lifestyle session. From my time with him, I soon found out that he has a a fantastic smile, loves to play with his toys, & is a pretty big fan of his siblings (his mom is a veteranarian so they have several pets). Here are few of my favorite pics from our time together. 
WillHickeyBlog-2_WEB WillHickeyBlog-3_WEB WillHickeyBlog-5_WEB WillHickeyBlog-6_WEB WillHickeyBlog-7_WEB WillHickeyBlog-8_WEB WillHickeyBlog-9_WEB WillHickeyBlog-11_WEBA lovely family: Charlie, Will & Stephanie Hickey.
WillHickeyBlog-14_WEB WillHickeyBlog-15_WEB WillHickeyBlog-16_WEB WillHickeyBlog-18_WEB WillHickeyBlog-19_WEB WillHickeyBlog-22_WEB WillHickeyBlog-23_WEB WillHickeyBlog-26_WEB WillHickeyBlog-27_WEB WillHickeyBlog-28_WEB WillHickeyBlog-31_WEB WillHickeyBlog-32_WEBI think we have a future musician in the works. 
WillHickeyBlog-35_WEB WillHickeyBlog-36_WEBWill’s dad is a chef so it seemed right to get a few pics of him helping Charlie in the kitchen.