Vendor Spotlight: Stylist Brooke Garland Davis of Belleza

There is nothing more important to a bride than looking absolutely stunning on her wedding day (well maybe the man she is marrying is important too)…but every bride wants to feel and look beautiful. Hair is one of the main details that needs to be perfect! With so many styles and looks to choose from, it is important to think about what you want ahead of time. Speaking with an experienced stylist for a consultation should be on the bridal priority checklist.

Spotlight feature: Brooke Garland Davis of Belleza Salon on Bridal Hair
We were honored to recently work with Brooke Garland Davis, a native of Tennessee, but a world class stylist. Brooke had a desire for hair and styling at a young age, braiding and creating looks on her Barbies. Fast forward a few years, and as she considered what career path to take, Brooke continued to be inspired by cosmetology. She enrolled at the highly respected Tennessee School of Beauty where she graduated in 2004. Soon after, Brooke joined the Belleza team of  salon professionals. Belleza has been around for two decades with multiple locations and still growing in Knoxville! Brooke is a valued member of their salon and now a mentor to new stylists. They provide an opportunity for willing stylists to travel the country and the world to expand their knowledge of hair design and meet some of the biggest names in hair. Brooke has attended schools in Los Angeles, New York and Paris France to name a few. She will soon study under famed Australian stylist, Sharon Blain, later this year. Brooke studies current trends and researches styles to maintain the ability to be at the top of her game. In the Finch Photo studio, it was amazing to see her whip up runway looks in less that 20 minutes each! I was in awe of watching these beautiful hair styles one after another that looked flawless.  While she was here, we asked Brooke what she has noticed in bridal hair the past year and what she thinks may be trendy this year.  Here are a few looks she created to give us a glimpse…

BellezaBlog-200_WEBVintage or Classic Bride
This look with flowing locks is red carpet inspired and can be fitting for a vintage or classic bride. Brooke said this style can be beautiful with a classic strapless gown or lace detailed dress. The curls are loose yet defined and fall in a sexy way around the face. If you do not have long hair like our model, Brooke can also apply extensions the day of your wedding so you get that long-hair look.  This style can be worn with no veil if the bride desires.  The makeup style accompanied with this hair was kept classic, rose cheeks and a more neutral lip, keeping the hair is the focus.

BellezaBlog-1_WEB BellezaBlog-2_WEB BellezaBlog-3_WEB BellezaBlog-4_WEB BellezaBlog-5_WEB BellezaBlog-7_WEBSharon Blain Inspired
Brooke said this was Sharon Blain inspired, and incorporates smaller fishtail braids into a loose swept back bun at the nape of the neck. Dallas (our model) looks stunning with this trendy yet timeless updo. A tiara or jeweled headband would be beautiful with this style. Brides with princess style gowns or long loose goddess gowns with a deep V-neck would be ideal. This style has so much movement and detail when you look close up, it is like a work of art. She added a bold color red lip to accompany this hair.

BellezaBlog-8_WEB BellezaBlog-11_WEB BellezaBlog-12_WEB BellezaBlog-14_WEB BellezaBlog-15_WEB BellezaBlog-17_WEB BellezaBlog-18_WEB BellezaBlog-19_WEB BellezaBlog-20_WEB BellezaBlog-21_WEB BellezaBlog-23_WEB BellezaBlog-24_WEBFashion Forward: Avant Garde Style
For your fashion forward bride…this  is a more avant garde style. With the sock bun trending recently, this is the “dressed up” version. Brooke says her inspiration for this chignon comes from her time at the Alexander de Paris academy in Paris. Obviously, this style is more dramatic and the dress would need to go along with that theme. A headpiece with feathers or netting would help add to the interest of the style. A large necklace with a strapless dress would be gorgeous with this up style, leaving the neck bare to display jewels. If the bride’s hair has ombre effects like our model Dallas, you can see how the colors layer and become distinct. This look would also work well with  straight across fringe or bangs to add even more fashion and drama. Brooke kept the lip bold to go with this style, the more drama the better, right?

BellezaBlog-26_WEB BellezaBlog-27_WEB BellezaBlog-28_WEB BellezaBlog-30_WEB BellezaBlog-31_WEB BellezaBlog-32_WEB BellezaBlog-33_WEB BellezaBlog-34_WEB BellezaBlog-36_WEBWell, there you go, three distinct and different looks to choose from. There are so many more, and talking with Brooke or an experienced stylist in your area can help you figure out what’s best for your big day. Don’t let your hair be a mess on your wedding day, plan ahead. Even try a few different choices and go with what YOU like best! Take your hair accessories with you to your consultation. Brooke is a popular stylist and if you want to meet with her, she books about 6 months to a year out. You can find her in Bearden at Belleza Vibe in Knoxville, TN. So if you just got engaged, book your photographer 😉 then call Brooke!





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