Almost weekly, I receive requests from other photographers as well as beginners who are interested in what gear I use. Those starting out in the field, whether by hobby or trade, are often curious my recommendations. I generally suggest the same things, so my responses have become fairly standard. However, I knew it would be in my best interest as well as others if I delve deeper into the subject on my blog & spent a bit more time explaining my preferences. Because I’m a Canon guy, I’ll spend much of my time reviewing their gear; it’s simply what I’m most familiar with. At times though, I hope to branch out into the other worlds & provide insight to other brands, especially Nikon. At least, I’ll try to give you alternatives. I suppose it may be helpful at some point to explain why I’ve chosen Canon over Nikon; the reasons are probably less dramatic than you’d think. However, I’ll save that for another post. And since camera related technology advances so rapidly, there is constant need for updating. Consider this a starting point & I imagine this list will be ever evolving.

{As a side note, the below links are my affiliate links, when purchasing through this blog it helps me continue to provide reviews, training & tutorials at no charge. Plus, it helps me provide for my family; thanks for your support!}

This is a list of camera bodies I use or recommend. I’ll explain my choice preferences as well as the pros & cons of each. Additionally, you’ll find my suggestions for different levels of users. I soon hope to include some images from each camera.

A pretty extensive list of my current lenses as well as recommendations. I prefer & suggest others to buy the best lens you can afford, yet I do offer some lesser expensive alternatives for different levels of users.




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