Keith & Jamie’s Wedding {Scott Mansion | Tellico Plains, TN}

I found myself driving down an old country road headed from Athens, TN toward Etowah, then to Tellico, TN. Memories always flood when I make this drive. When I was off at college & grad school I’d have dreams of this route toward Tellico & of the many summers I spent driving in my ’80 Jeep Renegade, aka ‘Baby Blue,’ headed toward the mountains & the river. I’d sit in class & wish for the life of me that I could walk the banks of the river & feel that sense of adventure once again. It was in those icy cold waters that we’d spend summers jumping waterfalls, hiking cliffs & spelunking caves. I’d dare say our greatest worry in life was hoping we’d have enough cash to grab some fried chicken from the gas station on the way home. We were young & free.

When I heard that Keith & Jamie’s wedding was going to be held in Tellico, TN, at the Scott Mansion, my heart began to wonder & took me back to simpler days. At the time, it was all I needed to know… I was in!

You’ve simply gotta love this couple. There could not be a more perfect location for their wedding. It seems like small towns can birth an easy to get along with personality in folks. That’s simply something I love about Keith & Jamie. From the moment I arrived I was welcomed as one of the family so I jumped in with both feet. There wasn’t a thing I didn’t love about this wedding. Here is a highlight.

I was privileged to meet the owners of the Scott Mansion, Jonathan & Brook Hall. They are such a fantastic couple & do an incredible job keeping up the historic mansion… it’s simply beautiful! And, I was privileged to work with videographer Todd McCormick of Milestone Pictures… a great guy that does fantastic work.




Jamie’s dress was worth taking a little extra time capturing!















Such a beautiful smile!



A really special moment when Jamie’s Maid of Honor prayed for her & Keith.


The soft light of the balcony was a wonderful location for a few bridal pics. You can check out Jamie’s full bridal session by clicking here.

Love this pic!



Keith’s gift to his bride.




The warm light coupled with such a beautiful location made for the perfect setting.

Jamie & her ladies!


Meanwhile, the fellas were in the cabin taking it easy.

Jamie’s gift to Keith.



Keith, as he reads a special note from Jamie.



It’s almost game-time.



The details leading to the ceremony.




As the ceremony begins.

Lookin’ good buddy!

Jamie & her dad rode in this to the ceremony site.




Could there be a more beautiful backdrop for the ceremony?!



I was really impressed with the Scott Mansion!


Jamie’s Maid of Honor & her brother performed during the ceremony.







My favorite time of every wedding day!






The couple just before making their entrance to the reception.


The reception details were so thoughtfully planned… love it!







What a great idea… “Words of Wisdom for Jamie & Keith.”









As the party was getting kicked off!

Love this picture!

The sun quickly began to set as friends & family toasted to the new couple.




I may have had a head’s up that this was about to happen.

… which led to this!


To end the reception, guest lit & released lanterns into the sky… gorgeous!


Keith & Jamie made an exit from the reception; they are probably still finding bird seed on them!


Congrats Keith & Jamie! It was such an honor to share this occasion with you… you guys were perfect! Enjoy.



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