The Bamber Family | Wooden Apple Farm, Pikeville, Tennessee

Sometimes you meet people in life that you can’t help but love & respect. That is certainly the case for me when I speak of the Bamber family. From the moment I met John & Lindsey, I felt an immediate connection. Joy & I met the Bambers at a mutual friend’s home where we both attended the cookout for photographers… thanks Rich & Heather! Since then, we’ve been able to keep in touch & are constantly looking for ways to get together with this awesome family.

I should also mention that the Bambers are fantastic photographers & the heart behind Bamber Photography . John alone has more photography knowledge than most of us combined. With a degree in photography, accompanied by an extensive period of study & residency in France, there’s little wonder why they have such a success as photographers. And with Lindsey behind the camera as well, it’s a formula that is hard to match. Photography aside, they are simply wonderful people. And… they have two absolutely beautiful kiddos, Jack & Lola.

I felt so honored when John & Lindsey asked me to photograph their family this Fall. Here I am, some dude who picked up a camera, photographing a couple as accomplished & talented as these two. It’s enough to humble a brotha’! Thankfully & expectedly, we had such a fantastic time. I met up with the Bambers at Wooden’s Apple Farm in Pikeville, TN. It was a gorgeous setting & I can’t imagine a more beautiful evening. The only thing I regret is not photographing them more!!! After we’d wrapped up the session & pulled away to grab some authentic Mexican (Praise-a-lujah! I could literally write an entire blog post about how amazing that food was.), we laughed as one of the most vivid & colorful sunrises covered the sky. Oh man… next time!

Bamber family, I had such a wonderful time. Thanks so much for the opportunity; I hope you love the pics! I can’t wait for you to do the same with our crew. Here are a few of my favorites. Enjoy!


Such a beautiful family, my goodness!




Love the boots Lola… you rocked it little chick!

Let me just say that those apples were by far the best apples I’ve ever had. Cannot wait to go get some more!

Love the look on Jack’s face.




  1. Lindsey Bamber / STOP IT! Ben Finch these are the cutest pictures EVER! :)11.06.12 / 2:57 pm
  2. John Bamber / Ben, thanks for coming out to take our pictures! You're so talented at drawing out people's personalities, and we absolutely love these photographs!11.06.12 / 3:32 pm
  3. Robert Miles / Dude! (I lack any other words to add to that)11.06.12 / 4:53 pm

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