The Hurt Family {Kilpatrick Springs Farm | Sweetwater, TN}

It’s been a few short years since I’ve seen Fredrick & Angela. Last time I saw them I was wishing them farewell & best wishes after having photographed their October 2009 wedding. However, a few weeks ago I received an email from Angela that she, Fredrick, & their daughter, Hartley, were going to be in town (from Atlanta) celebrating Hartley’s 1st birthday. She was eager to have photos of this time in Hartley’s life!

Last Tuesday I had the opportunity to meet up with this fun crew & visit with this fun couple. Since Angela & her family are from Sweetwater, TN, we decided to do the session at the beautiful Kilpartick Springs Farm. It was a gorgeous morning & I had such a great time with the Hurt family. It was also a pleasure to see & visit Angela’s parents!

Thanks friends… here’s a few of my favorites; many more are to come. I hope you enjoy!

 My goodness! She is cute!


 I love this look on her face!



 It took her a little bit but she came out of her shell & began giggling.

 Such a beautiful family.




 Toward the end of the session, Hartley began to get a little tired… this is her “Mommy, it’s almost nap time!” look.

 However, she hung in there & let us capture some cute shots in her Easter dress.


 Thanks Hurt family! It’s always a pleasure to see you!





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