The Pinkertons {Kilpatrick Springs Farm | Sweetwater, TN}

I knew from the moment I met the Pinkerton crew that we were up for a bunch of fun. Joe & Julie are the super-fun parents of three kiddos: Lane, Anna Claire & Cole. We met up at Kilpatrick Springs Farm in Sweetwater, TN for a great afternoon of playing on the farm with the horses, running through the leaves, racing leaves in the spring & playing peek-a-boo in the Willow trees. I’m so thankful for these friends!

When they pulled up to the farm, their youngest, Cole, was fast asleep. It took him a little bit before he work up, but once he did, it was full speed ahead! I love the look on his face in these two pictures.
These horses were so friendly & followed us around the farm as we visited.
Their expressions on some of these pics are priceless!
I can’t help but smile!
This is what the kids were waiting for all afternoon, throwing leaves into the spring.
I love this series of each kiddo.
Such a cute family!
What a wonderful evening on the farm! Enjoy Pinkerton family!

  1. Allison / Hi there! Beautiful photos! I was just curious, do you have the contact information for this farm? I have heard that it is a lovely wedding venue. I would really appreciate the help! Thanks! Allison2.20.12 / 11:21 am

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