For as long as I can remember I’ve cared way too much about how things were designed or how they appear. I can be remarkably particular about details. Often as a kid I was distracted by clutter or poorly designed spaces or unsightly fonts on a restaurant menu. In my free time, I’d pour through my Mom’s subscriptions to Architectural Digest, House Beautiful & Southern Living. As a teen I drew inspiration from history, primarily because I loved looking at war photos or the nostalgia invoked by JFK in the White House. Photos have always had a way of taking my mind places I’d never otherwise understand or have opportunity to visit. They affect me. As does art and design. I've been blessed to turn these passions into a career. I have interests in numerous fields and that variety has helped round out who I am as a father, a friend and a business owner. I have degrees in Theology, Communication & Leadership. I've spent several years as a Business Consultant, even more years as a Pastor, authored a book, learned to fly airplanes, managed a retail store, worked as a musician, became a designer, and an educator. I love to learn. I love a good adventure. And along the way, the best part of it all, are the people I've met.

I tirelessly work to serve people. Most often, photography is my method. Medium format film is preferred. But sometimes it’s design or teaching. Regardless of the means, I emphasize quality over quantity & am regularly looking to work with people who feel the same.

Over the years I’ve been honored to receive some accolades & win some awards but when it comes down to it, none of them are as important as my role as a Husband to Joy & Father to Brennan, Knox, Molly & Sawyer.